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Derek Avilez

Derek Avilez. tomorrow is one year since the accident. At 6 pm , friday September 30 Derek will walk in the ocean in the rear of station 5, on Hollywood Beach. We are invited to join the HFD/IAFF for free food and drink specials at the rip tide starting at 7 pm.


Update: September 29, 2011

On Tuesday 9/27/11 we started the hearing before the special magistrate relating to the 2011 takeaways by the city. After 8 hours we finally got through Lalla and the cities evidentiary exhibits. Mike Braverman and the Forensic account were there on behalf of the PBA. On monday I have to be in Tallahassee to testify before the joint legislative committee about the state auditing the city. This was initiated by Senator Sobel at the request of the BCPBA.

We are still collecting checks from  members/retirees for the expenses of the fight with the city. The private donor gave me another sizable check this morning which surely helps. For example the forensic auditor is $200 per hour. 

We have been talking to potential candidates for the upcoming city election in November 2012. Sergio Lopez turned us on to a super candidate to run against Beam. He is currently in great hands with an unsung hero/officer who is doing introductions to influential people in the district.

Blattner is in receipt of the ethics complaint I filed on him about the e-mail he sent out prior to the referendum. I was copied on the letter Sheffel sent to the ethics commission where sheffel advised he would be representing blattner on this matter.

On the upcoming ULP (Unfair labor practice) Mike Braverman will be asking for an extension to incorporate the ULP from 2012 and consolidate all charges. His law partner Rhea Grossman felt the 185 injury where members surrendered their share account for 22 years of service at 80%  appears to have merit. I have asked the Florida PBA head consul, Hal Johnson to authorize representation for those who are affected after 10/1/11.

If  or if ever BSO submits a proposal I have two experts who will point out the , if any false information or figures in the BSO proposal.

On a positive side note former city manager Cameron Benson was cleared of any criminal wrongdoing, alleged in the anonymous letter.

We have gotten a lot of positive response from local politicians with regards to your efforts during the referendum. Recently the PBA went a fundraiser for Senator Sobel,Mayor Siler and Dr. Snipes and received a lot of compliments about the effort put forth by the Hollywood membership.

Also BCPBA Representative Billy Ferguson has asked to step down. These last 14 months have taken a toll on everyone. Pursuant to the BCPBA by-laws Billy’s spot will be replaced by Rick Loosenbeck. We thank Billy for his efforts and he is committed to being involved whenever requested.

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