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Update: October 25, 2011

The Florida PBA state board meeting was held this weekend in Orlando. Several legislators attended and were honored by the FLPBA for their help during the last session. As you are aware the FLPBA has made great strides in litigating against the governors plan to privatize state correctional facilities.

The 185 suit is being worked on and I have seen parts of the draft copy. We hope to have it ready to be filed by next week. 

Wilton Manors is in contract negotiations and hopefully near an agreement. Rod Skirvin is the lead negotiator. All 28 members voted for, and asked for a BSO to proposal to merge. This was done to leverage the city back to the table as none of the Commissioners or community wanted the merger to occur. 

I took up CSR’s (city manager)offer to have BSO provide us with responses to questions the PBA wanted answered. I asked for the last 10 deputies from DLE(department of law enforcement) who were terminated and the investigative summary on those terminated. I also asked for the facts on Braswell’s termination and the EEOC complaints made by the female victims leading up to his dissmissel.

The Hollywood IAFF President Dan Martinez stepped down as president. The PBA enjoyed working with Dan and wish him well.


Update: October 20, 2011

The case of Officers Joel Francisco and Dewey Pressley is set for trial on November 28th. PBA counsel will begin selecting a jury on that date. The PBA is confident of an acquittal in this case.

The continuation of the 2011 impasse hearing in front of Magistrate Soll is on November 18  at 0900 hours in room 215 at City Hall.

Today the PBA sent a letter to Ms. Manager/CSR to clarify the PBA position on willingness to meet. This is in response to the Tuesday report where she “hopes meetings with the PBA will resume.” Ready, ready!

I will be attending the Florida PBA meeting in Orlando thisFriday and Saturday, October 21 and 22. I will keep you posted on any statewide issues and developments.

The PBA will take up the invitation by the manager to have BSO answer any questions we may have of them. We can start with the 10 most recent notices given to BSO/DLE PBA bargining unit members as well as the investigative summary reports associated with each termination.

Update: October 17, 2011

The PBA continues to meet, communicate and get updates from candidates who are interested in seeking election to the Hollywood Commission. There is certainly a lot of energized prospects out there.

The Lalla raise has gotten a lot of attention in the community and media.. Several Hollywood activists who are frequent flyers at the commission chamber’s podium are in our corner. Pete Brewer has received a copy of  breakdown of what the city spent on the referendum. I have sent it to the reps. if you want to see the breakdown please shoot me an e-mail and I will forward you a copy.

I have no update on the 185 research with Rhea Grossman.  She has informed me she will be working on the issue this week. I will forward any developments as soon as possible.

There is a rumor alleging the City Manager is attempting to negotiate with the PBA. This is false and 17 days in to FY 2011-12 we don’t expect anything too soon. If anyone’s information differs from the truth please ask to see any invitation to sit and negotiate in writing. The last communication the PBA received from the City was on October 5,2011 where they sent a copy of R-2011-254 outlining the 2012 reductions in your benefits.

All of the indications the PBA has received from credible sources indicate the BSO takeover is DEAD. It has no community support which is a direct reflection on your performance. Some members my wish it to be true as individuals, however collectively BSO is not the remedy to our economic situation in Hollywood.

PERC has appointed Special Magistrate Mark Lurie  to preside over the 2011-21 impasse proceeding. This is for year FY11-12.  This evidentiary hearing is similar to the current litigation where Magistrate Martin Soll is the presiding  magistrate. Date is TBA. No continuation date for Soll either.

On 12/2/11 the ULP (unfair labor practice) is before PERC (public employees relations commission)  hearing officer Carlos Lopez. This will be held at City Hall in room 215 starting at 0900 hours.

I have asked Senator Sobel’s aid, Nick Matthews, to keep me us the loop as to the developments with the state audit .

Senator Sobel

Just got off the phone with Elanor Sobel and she indicted the State Audit would start in January 2012. Both  newspapers are in receipt of the Lalla raise. Also had breakfast meeting with district candidate and PBA REP. Wil Fernander. The candidate has been working hard and making the rounds in the district.  

Mr. Braverman advised we are still in a holding pattern for the date on the continuation of the special master hearing . Had lunch with Rick Losenbeck yesterday who has asked to take on being the point person for Furr as far as communications. Rick went toe to toe in a debate previously with Furr prior to the referendum and Rick held his own. This is a great time for learning about ULP’s and Impasse procedures since historically these events have been rare. All the other representatives have been in contact with commissioners and civic leaders complaining about the Lalla raise and expressing our dissatisfaction about the unfair treatment.

On a personal note, October 13,th is the day we lost Dave Commella. Please remember Cindy, Samantha and Jonathan in your prayers.

Special Master

The October 25 continuation of  the special master hearing in front of Martin Soll has been postponed due to scheduling conflicts. The city has been limited on dates to reschedule. The PBA will advise you all of the new date ASAP.

The ULP scheduled for October 18  has been continued. This was agreed to by both parties in order for the PBA to amend the PERC complaint to incorporate the 2012 reductions that were unilaterally imposed by the City on the membership.

We continue to meet with candidates for the 2012 Hollywood commission races. There are already several attractive, viable candidates who want to get involved. If anything,  the mistreatment of Hollywood employees by this commission has enlightened the public about the their general lack of character.

The Balance Sheet Blog is often used an instrument used by of several of our commissioners to covertly pursue their agenda from off of the dias. As soon as Senator Sobel was able to successfully convince the state to audit the books, she was attacked on the blog. When you can, take a minute and go to the blog and read some of the anti-police/employee comments made by citizens. I am sure you will recognize some bloggers and see they are the same people involved in the leadership of  many Hollywood civic associations. In politics players call it “connect the dots;” you will see how commissioners use civic group leaders to blog on their behalf.

I am sure you have kept up to speed on the BSO/Ft. Lauderdale fight over dispatch payments. This was brought to light in the County Commission budget hearings along with the debt owed to Lamberti by Lauderdale Lakes. Inside sources in the Broward County Budget Office have indicated there is a great amount of additional debt which BSO continues to unfund and defer to 2013.

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