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Update: November 28, 2011

Today is the start date of Dewey Pressley’s trial. Most of the day will be taken up by motions and jury selection. It is on the 6th floor, Judge Robinson’s courtroom. If you are in the Broward Courthouse please stop by and show your support.

On Friday, December 2, the PERC hearing before the state hearing officer will start at 0900. This will be conducted via telephone. This is for the violations perpetrated by the City of Hollywood pursuant to FSS 447 during 2011.  It will be in City Hall, second floor.

The second segment of the special magistrate hearing was on November 11 before Martin Stoll. Once we have his recommendations in hand the next step will be a hearing before the city commission. This will be after the first of the year. Mike Braverman felt the evidence presented supported oor complaint against the city. These recommendations are not binding on the city.

The outside labor a firm filed a notice of appearance to represent the city against the BCPBA on the FSS 185 lawsuit. The case # is 11-27723 and before Judge Michelle Tobin Singer.

The elections for November 2012 are starting up and Hollywood is no exception. Rumor control has it Furr is not going to run for city commission this time. Only one person has filed for the seat so far, Ralph Kenol, attorney at law.

On November 21 I met with Justin Serian who is running for Hollywood Commission in Blattner’s district. He is a very attractive candidate.

On November 16 the PBA attended the kick-off reception  for SA Mike Satz. The PBA was recognized by Mr Satz as well as  host/speaker Ms. Susan Mauer, vice chair of Florida Ethics Commission.

The reps have been communicating with most of the commissioners and mayor on issues relating to moral relating to the pension and pay cuts.

Thanks and recognition to the pension trustees for retaining outside consul to examine the constitutionality of  the ballot language on the September 13, 2011 referendum.


Update: November 2, 2011

The PBA continues to have dialogue with the commissioners about the hostile BSO takeover and all the negative aspects of the deal.The feedback we get is there is no support from the commission for the Hollywood Police to go to green and white. The reps put together a comprehensive breakdown of the Florida Retirement System as of 7/1/11 and where it has been changed drastically by the governor and legislature . If you have not seen a copy, please contact one of the reps for the facts

The ethics complaint filed against Blattner for the e-mail containing false information was dismissed by the commission. Blattner can’t seem to grasp how the imposed reductions and the pension gutting has affected the morale of our members. He continues to wonder when we are going to” get over it.”A downtown officer told him to look up the definitions of “reform” and “gutting” in the dictionary and then come back and try to talk to him. Please –  in uniform or anytime on duty – be respectful, but if  a commissioner leaves the door open, tell them how you feel. The head count for HPD  attendance to the commission meeting  for the 5,10,15,20 year pins at the last meeting was zero.

CSR/Manager sent me a letter looking forward to “having more frequent discussions” with the PBA. The city is still under financial urgency so I do not understand what she wants to discuss. The PBA has informed her we are ready, as in the past, to meet at any time.

The 185 suit is almost completed and should be filed by the end of the week. The special counsel hired by the pension board is still reviewing the legitimacy of the ballot question from the 9/13/11 referendum. This is the same constitutional legal team which is currently being used by the FLPBA in litigation with the state. Thanks trustees for pursuing and evaluating this issue.

There is still a  political buzz about who is going to be challenging the sitting Hollywood commissioners. The PBA has been and continues to informally meet with and discuss issues with potential candidates.

I spoke with Senator Sobel last night and her office will keep us up to speed on the audit. She is having a holiday party on 12/17/11 to acquire toys for charity. The PBA will pass on the specifics when we get them. Let’s not forget who stood up for us during these trying times and show her our appreciation. She also provided some insight in to the November races.

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