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Update: December 20, 2011

The Dewey Pressley date for Judge Robinson to sentence Dewey for the two misdemeanors has been postponed to 1/13/12 time is TBA.

Met with Garrett Berman today. He is running for Judge. The seat is currently occupied by his Uncle Fred Berman who is retiring in 2012.

The information about the imminent legal action which will be taken by the pension boards special consul on the Police Pension ordinance change resulting from the referendum can be found on page 2 of the recent Police Pension newsletter. This can be accessed by going to the HPPF website and click on newsletter. 

The new dates for the PERC hearing for the 2011 ULP/takeaways will be on 2/16/12 and 2/17/12 in room 215 at City Hall. This will be via phone conference with the PERC hearing Officer.


Update: December 20, 2011

Last week was a busy week for the PBA.

On Monday I met with the Hollywood city manager and discussed several issues, one of which was the BSO takeover.

On Tuesday the PBA attended the workshop at the Hollywood city commission chambers to see the six finalists for the city manager position. The outside consultant went over those  finalists. He answered questions from each commissioner.

On Wednesday, at the regular city commission meeting both the PBA and fire spoke out against the resolution to support the two proposed 185/175  pension bills for the 2012 legislative session in Tallahassee. This resolution was drafted by the league of cities hoping for municipalities to join in and support this legislation. The proposed bill essentially allows municipalities to lower pension benefits and still receive the state incentive money. There were also other adverse elements of the bill. After hearing from the PBA and Fire the City voted 6-1 not to support the resolution in its present form.

While at that meeting discussion began about the sheriff failing to give a proposal after almost nine months. Several  commissioners were sincere to the anxiety caused by this delay and did notwant the issue hanging over the heads of HPD during the holiday season. After hearing from the PBA they voted 7-0 to have CSR , interim city manager, send a letter to Lamberti to end the reasearch on the police proposal and gave a time limit on how long they would wait for BSO to finish up on fire. I personally thanked each commissioner for their vote to stay blue. The letter went out to Lambertii last Friday and is posted in the PBA bulletin board. 

Senator Sobel had the toy drive picnic on Sunday, December 18. We met several candidates who were thinking about running for mayor and commissioner in Hollywood. There is a strong sense of dissatisfactionregarding our commission among citiziens who are not city employees. Nick Matthews from Senator Sobel’s office advised he met with two members of the Inspector General’s Office in Tallahassee last week regarding the audit. They indicated the scope of the investigation is being expanded to include but not limited to the CR and  enterprise funds as well as the general fund. We picked up some additional political intel and will be meeting with a judicial candidate this week.

Update: December 14, 2011

CORRECTION from yesterday. The Sobel event is on SUNDAY 12/18/11 at TY Park (THANKS STEPH). please excuse my error.

Additionally I spoke to Dewey yesterday and he goes back before Judge Robinson on 12/21/11 for sentencing. Another correction.

Last week we did a press release on Joe Pendergrast leaving due to the cuts. He was two local news stations and 610 WIOD. He did a great job and received good feedback from public. Thanks Joe and good luck.

Update: December 13, 2011

The Pressley trial was well attended by members showing their support for Dewey and Kari. Once the jury began to deliberate, the two alternates were excused. As they exited the courtroom one gave very positive comments about Dewey and the lack of evidence presented by the prosecutors. Both conversed with members and gave favorable comments about the PBA attorneys representing Dewey. One alternate juror stayed the remaining six hours and when the six-member panel found Dewey guilty of the two misdemeanors, she began to cry. We will be back before Judge Robinson on December 22 in courtroom 6750 for sentencing. Time TBA. 

On December 2 the city and the PBA were before PERC hearing Officer Carlos Lopez via telephone. As we began,  the hearing officer indicated he wanted verbal testimony on all exhibits entered in to evidence regardless of whether both parties had agreed to stipulate to the exhibits. This process would have taken two days. The PBA asked for a continuance and the city did not object. We are waiting for dates in February to continue.

The recommendation from the special master on the 2011 takeaways should be back in January. Once the recommendations are released the PBA will evaluate them and most likely go to the next step,  the Hollywood Commission.

The outside counsel for the city responded to the 185 complaint by filing a motion to dismiss. The matter has not been set down for a hearing as of yet. The PBA will advise as soon as a date and time is set.

On Saturday, December 17 at shelter #6 at TY Park,  Senator Sobel is having a charity toy drive. She supported us in the referendum by providing a quote for a  mail piece and requested Florida’s Chief Financial Officer conduct an audit on the City of Hollywood. She took a lot of heat from the commission for supporting us during the referendum. Please  make an attempt to come by the picnic and drop off a gift for a child. See your PBA rep for a flyer or check the PBA bulletin board. The event is being catered by Bobby Rubinos. (NICE). The PBA does not always agree with all the positions elected officials take or the candidates they support. This is the case with Senator Sobel, however, she has supported us during a confrontational time and we should show her some consideration.

Mayor Bober requested the affected unions weigh in on a resolution which will be voted on tomorrow (December 14) at the commission meeting. The item is #22 and is being pushed by the League of Cities in support proposed legislation in Tallahassee to further adversely impact 185 and 175 plans. The PBA will be there Wednesday to oppose the resolution.

Hope to see you all at TY Park and/or the commission meeting.

Update: November 30, 2011

The jury has been picked and the state and defense completed opening statements last night in Dewey Pressley’s trial. Dewey is being represented by Rhea Grossman and Michael Braverman. Please stop by courtroom #6750 to show support;  the jury will take notice.

For the second week in a row,  the city of Hollywood has met with effected homeowners on the sewer spill. The crowd has been unruly, to say the least. Last Tuesday theychanted LET’S VOTE EM OUT! Additional units responded. This week the chief had to stand and settle the crowd down. A citizen reportedly called the mayor a D/B. Karma.

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