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Update: January 19, 2012

At the general membership meeting next week several candidates will be attending for a meet and greet which will take place right after the membership meeting. All the candidates are enthusiastic about hearing the concerns of the rank and file.

I am sure you have heard about the Pension Trustee lawsuit filed last week. B/M/B Ralin Story had no comment. Shocking.

Last week Steve Bolger met with Blattner who continues to insist about reinstating the Officer of the Month award presentation in front of the commission. Bolger spent 45 minutes explaining the facts of life to him. Meanwhile, yesterday Blattner brought it up at commission AGAIN. Today I sent him a nasty e-mail.

Anyone want a copy of the lawsuit or e mails shoot me a quick e-mail and the PBA will forward it to you.

 For over a week the PBA has been back and forth with Lalla, the $12,000 man attempting to get the current balance of the reserve account. Finally he sent the balance from 9/30/11 for 3.8 million. Clearly not current. I submitted another e-mail written by the forensic account. Stay tuned. 

There is an additional pension bill,1499 which popped up this week in Tallahassee. We will have an update on all bills at the meeting.


Update: January 10,2012

 As you are aware the outside consul for the City of Hollywood filed a “motion to dismiss” on the 185 suit. This motion has been answered by thr PBA and is set for a hearing. This will be on 4/17/12 at 11:00 am in front of Judge M.T. Singer.

Update: January 6,2012


The PBA has been busy meeting with potential candidates for the Hollywood City Commission. We have set up an information session with them to discuss pensions, specifically the Hollywood Police Pension. We want to educate these individuals on the historical concessions made by this unit directly relating to the solvency of the Police Plan. This will be done in conjuction with Dave Williams and Dave Strauss, who are always willing and able to work with the BCPBA. We will have a meet and greet for these potential candidates later this month. All are  enthusiastic about meeting with the membership as a whole. Participation will be paramount. All but two elected commissioners have at least one challenger.


The response to the City of Hollywood’s motion to dismiss on the 185 suit is being worked on. The dates for the PERC hearing have been moved to Feburary 21 and 22. This will be done via telephone conference with hearing officer Lopez. I can only assume the city will be represented by no less than three lawers from an outside firm. The briefs from the special master hearings held  in 2011 for the 2011 takeaways are due by January 20th. After the special master makes a recommendation the next step will be a meeting in front of the Hollywood City Commission.

The PBA has been in touch with the Broward Property Appraiser’s Office  to see what the indicators for the ad valorem returns for next year will be. The preliminaries will not be available until mid- to late Feburary. This number may reflect on the possible givebacks to the unit as far as when or how much.

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