Update: February 6, 2012

Politics: All the sitting commissioners and the mayor have drawn opposition for the November election. Several seats have more than one challenger. You should and can monitor this on the City of Hollywood website. As you are aware the BCPBA hosted a meet and greet on February 1, where several candidates got a chance to meet and hear from the membership. The PBA has not endorsed anyone in any races for Hollywood seats as of yet. Justin Serian, a candidate against Blattnerm has been making several PRR (public records requests) on issues brought to his attention by the membership. He is on Facebook with Ernie. The PBA has met with the mayor twice in the last two weeks discussing the morale and exodus of the membership. He seemed genuinely concerned. Blattner continues to give out false information relating to police staffing levels and seems concerned when addressing the issue in his blog.

 Tallahassee: Several bills are travelling from House to Senate committees where the Florida PBA staff are monitoring and working with legislators who support the PBA to minimize the impact or kill the bills. 

BSO Fire:  The drama continues with the lack of a valid proposal from Lamberti. Finally the IAFF realizes that the FRS changed last July and they cannot merge in to the old plan as they all thought. Heidi NO Sheehan addressed this at a community meeting two weeks ago and she opposes the merger. The PBA still can’t get a grip on the proposal as it relates to the HFD buldings that the taxpayers are still paying for. Does Hollywood still control the facilities or are they property of the county?

2011 Special Master: Briefs went out on February 1. The special master, Marty Soll, will submit a recommendation within 45 days. Once that is done the PBA will have a “public hearing” before the commission on the recommendation. The public will be able to speak as well as the PBA. We will have a meeting prior to that with the general membership. 

State Audit: The state auditor notified Nick Matthews, aide to Senator Sobel, that they will be in the City of Hollywood this month. The scope will include the legal declaration of financial urgency as well as expenditures with in the CRA’s.  

185 Lawsuit: There will be a hearing on April 17 before Judge Singer. This will be on Hollywood”s motion to dismiss the complaint. This is scheduled for 11 am.

Thanks from the PBA to the Hollywood members who helped with the reception after the Darin Dowe funeral as well as to Don Huneke, who spoke so eloquently during the service.

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