Update: February 23, 2012

On Tuesday the PBA was party to the unfair labor practice hearing at Hollywood city hall (2011). We were represented by Barbara Duffy and myself. Dr. Irv Rosenbaum from Nova University testified for the PBA. The hearing ended at 6 pm. Barbara had some fun with Lalla while he was testifying, especially when it came to two years of cuts and takeaways for employees and an $11,000 raise for him. The process from here:  Both parties, the city and PBA, will agree on a date to submit closing arguments in a brief format. After the briefs are received by the hearing officer he will issue a recommended order within 45 days. Then PERC will issue a final order around the same time as Ryder Coffin goes to his high school prom. Nice process, isn’t it?

Congratulations to recent promotees as well as Major Scott Pardon. Scott was a PBA representative for many years and respects members’ rights as well as the CBA. We are confident his objective and independent style of leadership will be an asset to Chief Wagner. 

The PBA made several attempts recently to ascertain how much money is in the reserve account for the city. One of the ways the city justifies their financial urgency is that the reserve account is being depleted, which has resulted in the dropping of the city’s bond rating,  which in turn effects their ability to borrow money. Lalla failed to give  the PBA the requested updated reserve account balance after the gutting of the contracts and pensions. As a result the PBA filed another lawsuit for violation of FSS 119, public records. Case #12-04978, Judge Phillips.

The interim city manager reached out to the PBA about 2013. She also wants to show us the five-year plan. We are going to stick with the PBA plan and do not have anything to talk about unless it is givebacks sooner than 10/1/13.

Congratulations to Kenny, Danny, and Mike for being recognized and recipients of their respective awards. The boycott of awards at city hall has been effective with several commissioners. They are feeling the disgust of the membership whenever they publicly come in to contact with members.

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