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Update: March 29,2012

Hollywood fire Rumor; is they are backing No Sheehan for re-election. I have been assured by one of their e board members this is far from true.  YES, She road rescue and met for breakfast with their president. She is concerned about her re-election and in panic campaign mode.

State Audit; has ben underway since February with auditors for the state on site at 2600 Hollywood Blvd. Senator Sobel will have an update in June and the process should be completed by October.

City Hall Presentations and Awards; last week members attended the Officer, Supervisor. and Detective of the year. These supporters waited in the lobby for the awards to start, all walked in together and once the civilian ended his speech ALL walked out together, unified. This was a one time appearance and should not be misrepresented as a change in the monthly city hall boycott. Members should still consider it an insult to get your 10 year pin and Not get your longevity step increase.

FRS Case; The Florida Supreme Court accepted jurisdiction on the FRS case. Oral arguments will be held on September 5, 2012 at 9 am.


Update: March 28,2012

Public records lawsuit; somewhere between the PBA private investigator and the process-server the suit was not served on te City four weeks after we filed it. Sorry, and It will be addressed. Now the city has until 4/20/12 to answer.

Yesterday the Public Employees Relations Commission, which has jurisdiction over labor disputes between employer and employee’s issued a Final order in the Miami FOP Unfair Labor Practice case. CA2010-119. This is the first final order challenging the Cities ability to declare financial urgency to circumvent the impasse procedure . Many facts are similar in both of the Hollywood  ULP’s 2011 and 2012. In a 2 to 1 vote PERC dismissed the FOP case and sided with the City of Miami. This is the first final order issued in this type of case. Unfortunately Hal Johnson, The General Consul for the Florida PBA believes we will receive a similar final order in both of our cases. The FOP has 30 days to appeal to the district court which is the first, Leon County as PERC is based in Tallahassee. This is the administrative process ruled on by Commissioners appointed by Rick Scott. We still have the courts which have not been corrupted by Scott.

Last night the PBA attended the Hollywood Democratic Club meeting on the beach. All four dem. commissioners were there but there was nothing substantive debated.

Today Ed Holidak attended a pension presentation by Dave Williams, our pension administrator. Dave presented the historical concessions made by us and the results of those give backs. Ed was impressed with the pension facts.Please thank Dave and the Hollywood Police Pension Trustees for thier hard work and efforts when you get a chance. Ed is a candidate for Hollywood commissioner. Justin Serian,Ralph Kenol, and Traci Callari are also candidates and have attended the presentation.

Tonight the PBA will cover two kick offs in the downtown, Justin and Ralph. Hopefully there will be as much energy as there was at the Callari kick off.

As for the 2% comment made by LALLLLLLAAAA in the Miami Herald. The PBA called the City Manager and expressed the impact the comment had on moral. He listened and stated he understands. The city can give back any thing they wish under the status of financial urgency, simply amend the resolution where the pay cut of 12.5% was passed. The city acted unilaterally on the take away and therefore can unilaterally restore any benefit at any time. It is election time, they are in a panic election mode and feeling the heat. KEEP it up and stick together! We can turn F/U into FTC at the polls in November.

Update: March 22, 2012

Sunday Traci Callari had her campaign kick-off where approximately 150 people came to show their support for her candidacy. There was a lot of energy on her part which inspired her supporters.

The PBA will be putting out the “NO Sheehan” signs this week. We are putting them in the most visible locations. No Sheehans kick off  was Tuesday at “Rickys” it was hosted by Karen Harrington, the Tea Party candidate who ran against D.W. Shultz for congress. We should not be surprised by  No Sheehan’s affiliation with that group.

Today the BCPBA received notice from The Public Employee’s Relations Commission that the allegation for the 2012 take aways by the city were illegal was found to be “SUFFICIENT”. A hearing must be scheduled within 35 days. Press release 10-51.

The recommended order from Marty Soll, the special master who presided over the 2011 take aways should be received by Mike Braverman on behalf of the BCPBA any day.

April 17th is the hearing on the Cities motion on the 185 suit is at 11 am before Judge Singer.

Update: March 15, 2012

The motion for default by clerk was filed by PBA attorney Grossman for the City of Hollywood not responding to the 119 law suit #12-04978 where Lallllla failed to make a public record available. The judge is Carol-lisa Phillips.

 On March 9, 2012 The PBA filed a complaint with PERC for the 2012 takeaways. We will advise of the dates for this go around as soon as possible.


Last but not least The PBA met with the City Manager,Doug Hewett this morning for about two hours. The meeting went very well however both parties realize many issues are moving through the litigation process and were in place prior to his arrival. He seemed like a sincere individual and  intently listened to our the PBA reps.

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