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Update 5/31/12

The Forth District Court of Appeal is in receipt of our 185 suit.

The City and PBA will be going to mediation on the 119 suit on June 12, 2012. The City has deposed me on this suit which will be taken after the mediation.

The PRR (public records request) regarding a specific sex offender attempting to reside within the City of Hollywood and a Hollywood Commissioner is ready and will be picked up in the morning.

The PBA will be attending the special meeting at 9 am friday on the employment status of Doug Hewett.




At this point, there is only one budget workshop scheduled — on Tuesday, July 10th.  At this budget workshop, an overview of the City Manager’s recommended FY 2013 budget will be presented.  The not-to-exceed millage rate resolution is planned for Commission consideration on July 18th.


Matt Lalla

update May 24,2012

The PBA received information from the property appraiser which  indicated the property value in Hollywood increased approximately one percent ($92,000).

I sent an e-mail to Lalla and asked him for the dates of the budget workshops and the July commission meeting where the mileage will be set. This should give us an indication of how sincere the Commission is about, and quantify the 2013 give backs to the PBA membership.

Update May 23,2012

As you are aware the BCPBA on sent a letter to Doug Hewett to begin negatations for 2012-13.(posted in bulliten board) Today I sent an e mail requesting to set aside dates in June to begin the process.

Prior to sitting down the BCPBA will survey the membership to provide direction to the PBA.

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