Update July 6,2012

There will be a special public meeting on the 2012 tak aways on July 16th at approximately 3 pm. Fire will be going on that date also and they begin at 2 pm. This is a formality; pursuant to FSS 447,  unresolved issues have to be brought before the legislative body for a final vote. The legislative body is the Hollywood Commission. This is the same procedure we on the 2011 items. We still have to vote on the imposed takeaways from 2012, another formality. PERC has changed the procedures and rules on ratification, which make it more difficult for labor organizations to conduct union business in the state of Florida.

We have a tentative date to meet with the City of Hollywood on July 20, 2012 at 1 pm for restoration of benefits in 2013. We have requested to use the Broward PBA to facilitate the session but after two requests have not confirmed the location.

The commission will have a budget workshop on July 10. I believe it  starts at 3:30 pm. The PBA will be in attendance. This may give us an indication on the amount of money set aside for the bargaining unit in 2013.

The PBA will conduct candidate screenings for Hollywood Commission on July 12 here at the main office. This will give us an opportunity to get the candidates’ positions on our issues. Once the process is completed the endorsed candidates will need our support – boots on the street – to get elected.

On Wednesday July 18, the Hollywood Commission meets to set the mileage rate for FY 2013.

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