Update 8/28/12

Last night at the PBA meeting we had a great turnout in spite of the storm and the overall state of affairs facing the membership. During the meeting, while discussing  the PBA activities we’ve been involved in to address the pay and benefits you have all lost, I mentioned having a meeting with Commissioner Beam Furr last Friday at Rickey’s. The purpose was to solicit his influence in an attempt to rectify the memberships’ current situation. There was never the mention or suggestion by him or myself about any support for future elected positions. I apologize if I had misled or confused anyone at the meeting and if any member needs clarification please do not hesitate to call me.

There will be two candidates nights for individuals who are seeking election to the Hollywood Commission.

Tonight from 600-900 at the Community Center located at 6770 Garfield Street.

Tomorrow from 600-900 at the Hollywood Center for Performing Arts located at 1770 Monroe Street.

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