Monthly Archives: October 2012

City Hall FB

We are attempting to confirm the Assistant to confirm the annual pension # for FF at $151.638.60 a year or $12,636.55 per month. Not too bad for 25 years of service.

If you have not read the overtime article for addressing the Hollywood citizens concerns please do. NOW you can see why FF is here.He advised the O/T is an immediate fix.This is something CSR  has been attempting to have Chief Wagner do for a year. NOW we can misinform the public and mislead them about the vacancies and the frozen positions by using FF as their do boy.

You can continue to tell the public while you are on calls the truth and encourage them to complain to CSR and their respective commissioner.

Also Wads put together a great walking initiative with about 20 HPD volunteers for Ed  Holodak on Saturday. Ed was greatful to say the least.

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