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Update: 12/13/12

On Tuesday 12/11 the City of Hollywood and the PBA met for a negotiations session which lasted approximately 1 hour. The offer was 2% for wages and 1.8% reduction in pension contributions. Hollywood’s starting salary is last in the county; it would take an increase of 24% to move us up to the middle on the pack.

At 11:25 the PBA declared impasse and requested to waive the special master and proceed directly to the commission in a public hearing. There, the PBA would put on our case justifying our position, and then the city commission could impose a change going forward. We will discuss the strategy of bypassing the special master at the next meeting.

Next week the PBA will be meeting with a state legislator on the preliminary findings of the audit. During the negotiations session Jeffrey Sheffel was specifically asked if unrestricted funds from the enterprise funds could be transferred to the general fund. He stated that the funds could be “LOANED” to the general fund, which was contradictory to sworn testimony given by city staff during the special master hearing for the 2011 ULP.

 During this holiday season senior members and DROP participants should be mindful of those less fortunate, those who we all are fighting to restore benefits for. EVERYONE has lost wages and benefits but overtime opportunities and double hourly  holiday detail rates would truly help those members struggling through the frozen step plan. 

Again, thanks to the DROP members and retirees who generously gave to the PBA candidates during this last election cycle. Over $7,000 was collected and distributed.

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