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Update 4/30/13

The PBA has been asking about the Michael Nila report on the morale of the department.I received an e-mail from FF this am which indicated the report arrived in the mail yesterday. I have asked for a copy.

The pension actuary did a presentation on the Backdrop vs the forward DROP at the pension board meeting friday.I am fundamentally against the backdrop as it cost more in the long run and is not competitive with surrounding agencies. ASK yourself if it such a good deal then why doesn’t everyone else have it. Also for those on the command staff who think it is not a bad deal ask them if they would like to trade their 8 year, no contribution and 8% guarantee for a backdrop? Remember the City needs 5 votes t impose the backdrop on the membership.

Anyone seen the Fire contract….I heard they are close…for the last 6 weeks!

The PBA is still attempting to get a copy of the contingency plan sent over to FF by VA which addresses the pending personal shortages. I spoke to BSO/HR and the first wave of members leaving Hollywood as a result of the pay cuts and benefit reductions is coming soon.



Update 4/29/13


Pitts and Blanco were cleared by the States Attorneys Office of any criminal wrong doing.

Guest Blogger: Keith Wadsworth, BCPBA Alt. Representative, Hollywood

I’m sitting in for Jeff. (Which are big shoes and a big chair to fill). I wanted to provide an update on PBA communications with the City of Hollywood, as it pertains to contract negotiations.

As many of you know, we are at impasse. We have had the hearing with Special Master Kenneth Starr and are waiting for his opinion. While we are waiting for that, PBA Representative Rick Losenbeck, Pension Board Member Chris O’Brien and I have been meeting with the city’s Financial Director, Matt Lalla. The purpose of these meetings was to cost out the PBA proposal and to come to an agreement on those costs. Many times the numbers we have and the numbers the city has do not match. (shocking)

We have met twice with Matt and Lisa Powell from Human Resources. The last meeting was 04/24/13. Some discrepancies have been discovered and have been corrected. The meetings have been very cordial and beneficial for both sides. We are close to agreeing on cost factors, which will help Jeff, Mike Braverman and the rest of the negotiation team when we go back to the table or, if necessary, a public hearing.

Update 4/26/13

Our command staff is pushing to have our exhausted members work MORE overtime on directed patrol and create an illusion of police presence. We realize it is a necessary evil to pay your bills however think of the concept. You can make back the money the city stole from you HOWEVER you just have to work a longer workweek to get your own money back.

Secondly the PBA raised the issue at the special master hearing and at two civic meetings this week that the City could pay back the wages they stole by using the vacancy factor money to compensate the membership in wages. So now you know why staff is trying to entice you in to working the overtime so City hall can later take the position that the money for wages has been used for directed patrol.


update 4/23/13

The PBA has done a Public Records Request for the Command Staffs contingency plan for the upcoming vacancies. As of this morning there are 23 applicants for BSO and of those, 14 are in the final stages and should be hired by the first or second week of May.

 On the subject of this manpower shortage, The PBA received two separate phone calls from Hollywood Officers who were told by citizens that the Mayor recently commented “I hope 20 more leave so we can hire new officers  and save the city more money” I called the Mayor at his office and cell at which time we spoke around 6 pm last night, He was advised of the comments which he denied he said.

The PBA is being blamed for the slow response time from patrol officers when citizens complain about the time delays.

The PBA is being blamed for holding up the Fire contract…How…I do not know?

PS the Naples Letter is the letter from the division of retirement which reinterpreted the state law on minimum and extra benefits in FSS 185(Police Pensions) essentially this letter allowed the city to go below the standards set forth in the statute and still qualify for the $1.1 million dollars from the state.

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