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update May 28,2013

On Friday approximately 40 members attended the back drop workshop at City Hall. The purpose was to have the benefits of the back drop explained by the plan creator, Mike Tierney, the cities actuary. Also present was Jose Fernandez and Todd Green who flew in from Atlanta. They are the Hollywood Police Pension Funds actuary. PBA attorneys Mike Braverman and Julio Gonzalez along with the Hollywood Police  pension plans attorney, Allison  Bieler.

Most of you are aware of the results of the meeting however City Hall reported to several Commissioners that the workshop had a positive perspective.

As soon as the pension language is drafted on the Back Drop it would be beneficial to have Allison do a seminar to better explain the benefits of the plan in lay terms.

It is apparent we will have to go back to the table on several issues which were discussed between Ryder and Braverman.

Mr. Ryder does not return from his vacation until June 3.


Update 5/23/13

In addition to Mike Braverman from the PBA , Allison from Steve Cypen’s office will be available to members at 0900. Mr. Cypen is the Hollywood Police Pension Board attorney. 

Keith Wadsworth had requested  some clarification on the Cities proposal. The response from Gail Reinfeld is on the PBA website.

The anonymous Tomas Sanchez  letter is on the PBA website.

workshop friday

Prior to the workshop on Friday, Mike Braverman will be available for any questions or concerns. He will be in room 215 at 0900.

The PBA is  in receipt of an anonymous letter regarding Tomas Sanchez. All  city commissioners and city managers were also copied.

Update 5/20/13

Friday the workshop on the Back Drop will be at City Hall at 0930. This is a great opportunity to examine the proposed retirement. PBA legal will be there for assistance to the membership.

Rumor control has it that IAFF fire waked away from the cities proposal.

On Friday myself and Julio G. attended a hearing on a motion to dismiss filed by the City against L. Bien who was well represented by William Scheer III, a Ft. Lauderdale attorney. The Judge took the motion under advisement. The PBA will update you on the Judges ruling when revealed.

Sorry but I wanted to give you all a status on the special master. He was dismissed by way of mutual agreement between PBA att. Braverman and City att. Paul Ryder. We will be cutting him a check for his limited understanding and participation. The parties also agreed that once a deal is finalized and presented to the PBA membership if the proposed contract is not ratified then the parties will proceed to a public hearing in front of the City Commission within 21 days of the rejection. There is nothing that prohibits additional negotiations between any rejection and the public hearing.

Paul Ryder is on vacation until 6/1/13.

Both the PBA and the Citie’s attorney are still discussing the 185 issue where in the cities proposal the membership has to guarantee the monies from your wages if the city does NOT receive the 185 money from the division of retirement next year. There seems to be some misunderstanding about this issue among the membership which can be verified by Mr. Braverman at the workshop on friday.


Update 5/14/13

As you are aware the City and the PBA met on Friday for several hours. The current proposal is on the BCPBA website.

The workshop to explain the backdrop will be on Friday,May 24th at 0930 hours. The location is TBA. This is where the Cities actuary and the Police Pension Board actuary will be present to answer any questions concerning the backdrop.

The PBA attorney and the attorney representing the city have been discussing issues relating to the proposal as well as addressing the pending special master situation.

The contingency plan submitted by Major Aff. is also posted on the website. The count on deck is 20 frozen,25 vacancies, 1 certified in training, 8 in field training and 7 in the academy.

On Wednesday June 19th at 2 pm the 2011, in the First DCA in Tallahassee, oral arguments are scheduled on the 2011 ULP on financial urgency.

Spoke to Colonel Pollack last week who advised he was going to have the former Hollywood Officers train together in  groups of 3 for familiarly purposes. He went on to say how all applicants did not want to leave however the financial situation in Hollywood was the common denominator forcing Officers out. We had a good laugh when he told me that Chief “Doc” Brooks was trying to get all the Hollywood Officers down in District #1 to have his own Hollywood South.

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