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Update 6/28/13

Last night as well as this morning I spoke to FF and he advised the Hollywood Police Ordinance has been  finally drafted by the City attorney and is being reviewed by outside labor consul Paul Ryder. Paul will also be drafting the backdrop election form.

FF will put the Pension ordinance on the agenda for Wednesday, 7/3/13 for first reading, This is similar to the process City staff used with fire to insure a majority vote from the commission to codify the ordinance. This ordinance requires two readings. In addition FF indicated if the impact study, created by Jose Fernandez, the Hollywood Police Pension Board actuary is not completed the cities labor attorney, Paul Ryder,will recommend pulling the item from the agenda. Dave Williams , the pension administrator has communicated to Jose the importance of having the impact statement before Wednesday. An impact statement is a document drafted by an actuary to identify the costs or savings to a pension plan as a result modifications made to the plan.

The proposed Collective Bargaining Agreement was never intended to be put on the 7/3/13 agenda until the commission affirms the pension ordinance with a super majority vote (5/7).

The CBA ( wages, steps, longevity) will be voted on by the commission as a resolution which only requires a vote at one commission meeting. According to the City this will not occur until after the first reading of the pension ordinance. This is the same voting strategy used with fire.

I have been assured this will be resolved PRIOR the commission recess.

In closing I wanted to advise you all how attentive and responsive FF has been during this process.


Update june 21,2013

The DRAFT of the fact sheet will be posted on the website today absent the pension language.

Mike Braverman and Paul Ryder will be meeting on Monday for clarification on the pension language and pension ordinance.

In order to formally finalize the outstanding issues the PBA and the City will be participating in a collective bargaining session on Wednesday June 26, 2013 at 0930 in room 215. 

We are confident the Monday meeting will be productive enough to insure the Wednesday session will result in an agreement. If that is the case we will post the dates for ratification to complete the voting process asap.

One for the good guys

As you are aware on Friday 5/17/13 Judge MG Woods heard oral arguments on the motion to dismiss filed by the City on the Lyle Bien pension suit. Also Ruggles,Austin and Redding were adversely affected and plaintiffs.

On 5/31/13 the Judge denied the cities motion and the suit remains in play.

A copy of the order is on the PBA website.


As you are aware Paul Ryder who represents the City in labor negotiations with the Broward PBA returned from vacation on 6/3/13. The City indicated he would prioritize his efforts towards finalizing the proposal made by the City upon his return.

Yesterday 6/4/13, I met with Mr. Ryder, Frank Fernandez,Gail Rienfeld and Lisa Powell to clarify some outstanding questions and develop a timeline for moving forward. The results are ad follows.

1) We agreed to have the ratification vote by the membership completed before the July 3, 2013 commission meeting for their vote.

2) Gail would coordinate with Dave Williams to secure a separate pension vote by the active members of the plan and request the Hollywood Police Plan Actuary, Jose Fernandez complete the impact statement for the July 3, 2013 commission meeting.

3) The contract language would be completed and given to the PBA attorney by Thursday 6/6/13.

4) The corrected backdrop benefit document and timeline spreadsheets would be e-mailed to the PBA. Those documents will be up on the website today. The corrected version of the timeline for the 8 year backdrop for members with more than 10 years as of 9/30/11 will be posted on the website. 

5) The Backdrop application document would be drafted by the City.

Once the contract language is completed we will draft a factsheet and hold the ratification vote. 

If you have any questions feel free to call or e-mail me.

Please keep Beverly Perez and her family in your prayers.

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