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Session #2

The second session votes for the ratification of the two-year Collective bargaining agreement are 77 yes and 5 no.

The membership has now ratified the agreement and I will notify the City Manager in writing.

Tomorrow on Wednesday 7/17 /13 at 1330 the Commission will have the second reading of the Pension Ordinance and vote on the resolution for the Collective bargaining Agreement.

Several of the new commissioners have mentioned the lack of attendance by PBA members at the last commission meeting (7/3/13).  When I explained some of the reasons they understood however THEY were not responsible for the financial urgency declarations. 

Tomorrow  in the commission chambers the votes will take place at 1330 and will be brief so I am asking members on or off duty to stop by and attend the meeting. Members on duty should be able to attend like the other first responders who attend on duty.

If you are still to angry to attend I fully understand and support your decision.


session #1

The results of the first session are 92 yes and 8 no.

Session #2 is from 0800-1000 tomorrow after they are tallied the City will receive a letter from the PBA regarding the results.



On 7/3/13 the first reading on the changes to the Hollywood Police Pension ordinance went before the Hollywood Commission where they voted 7-0 in favor. As soon as the final draft and election form for the backdrop are finalized they will be posted on the website along with the fact sheet explaining the modifications to the Collective bargaining agreement. The impact statement for the pension changes arrived via e-mail at 2248 hours on 7/2/13. Many thanks to Jose Fernandez, the pension actuary, Dave Williams our pension administrator and the trustees for facilitating the  study within the deadline. Without the study the ordinance would have not gone forward.

The ratification vote will take place at the Broward PBA hall. There will be two sessions, one on Monday 7/15/13 from 4pm to 6 pm, and the second is Tuesday July 16, from 8am to 10am.

The second reading of the ordinance and the resolution for the CBA will go before the commission on 7/1713 at City Hall.

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