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Liberace’s offensive e mail

One would speculate that VA consulted with the city hall cheering squad when he put out his e-mail about the new identity of Hollywood P.D. There were previous comments made from City Hall brass implying Hollywood P.D. had a reputation for being corrupt which we all should find offensive as we know it to be untrue. The Hollywood Police Department has always been known as a leader in all aspects of law enforcement through the tri-county area.

Both senior members and retirees who are upset made the following observations;

What about the identity of the 6 Officers who lost their lives for the other Hollywood P.D.?

The old HPD had 334 sworn and the new one has 314 sworn which is 1969 staffing levels. Not so new!

The old HPD had a 20 member SCU, 12 motors and a 20 member VIN unit. The new one, well you know the answer.

What anyone should find offensive is how someone from the Old pension plan with a million dollar final DROP account continues to ask you to move on.

The PBA does not want to cast any doubts about working with the ACM/Chief FF for the membership as our relationship during and after the collective bargaining process has been positive, responsive and collaborative. His task is a difficult one and wish him the best of luck.


Update 8/14/13

The mid year financial report from Matt Lalla is posted on the web site.

Yesterday afternoon I met with FF regarding the longevity pay for members who have had their L-step recalculated based on police time versus time with the City in any other employee capacity. This EMPLOYEE benefit has been a long-standing past practice and after explaining it to the ACM/Chief he seemed to understand and clearly indicated the overall intent of the negotiations process was to restore benefits not to diminish them.

In addition we discussed the individuals who were singled out on the slotting of steps (members under 4 years). We have attempted to ascertain the reasoning behind this clause. FF has been in contact with Paul Ryder however he advised he is committed to fixing it with The PBA.




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