Monthly Archives: September 2013

Brady Notice

The PBA and City met on the longevity grievance on 9/5/13 and explained our position regarding the LONG standing practice where City employee time was credited towards longevity in the PBA CBA. We are patiently awaiting a response. Frank Fernandez has corresponded via e-mail advising the City was working on a solution. The PBA remains firm on this issue.

The PBA lobbied the county commission and went before them on 9/10/13 in an attempt to have the county commission allocate an additional $1.4 towards the Sheriffs budget to keep the Hollywood Detention facility operational. We were unsuccessful with this initiative.

Please visit the PBA website for the flyer and join Felicia Brunson on October 10th for a fundraiser. She needs our support.

The PBA has confirmed that two members from the command staff are under investigation for official misconduct as of September 10,2013, and have been placed on the “Brady List” by the ASA. We wish them well.

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