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A blast from the Past

In case you were wondering, if you kill someone in Hollywood in self-defense it is no longer classified as a Homicide. So all these years when Police Shootings have gone to the grand jury and presented by a Homicide prosecutor the State has misrepresented them.

Today a retiree submitted the attached poem for your entertainment.
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The kits to test the air should be in today, according to Lisa Powell at City Hall. So far the locations identified by members are the second floor men’s and women’s locker rooms, and the center wall in the DB where Homicide is now located and CSI along with the adjacent restrooms.

For sure CSR/KD is not paranoid for a PRR on her city phone as this week at the Wednesday commission meeting she showed up with a second phone where she was texting away to her BFF’s while she and FF/BK/CQ were getting tuned up over the crime in the City.

Liberia residents came to citizens comments, prompted by Commish Hernandez to complain about drug dealers in their neighborhood. Why can’t those five street crimes members get a handle on it? What FF/BK/CQ does not understand is the Liberia residents are a neighborhood with a long-standing sense of community and part of the fabric and history of Hollywood. FF/BK/CQ uses the Miami broad brush to paint and treat those residents like renters from overtown. Now HPD is deploying the bike unit in a street crimes direction as requested by Commish Blattner. Unfortunately FF/BK/CQ is about 10 dead bodies too late. Possibly another consultant can help?

ANYWAY during the Wednesday commission meeting FF/BK/CQ was taking some heat from the dais about the crime and the complaints by the citizens. CSR/KD did not let FF/BK/CQ respond. SHE (the new resident expert) fielded all the questions about crime and deployment. All along she promised Momma’s boy he was special and no one would be able to spank his special heinie in Hollywood.
It seems to become more evident FF/BK/CQ/MB is not the right fit for the City of Hollywood, the community or the Public Safety sector. We should all be offended when the Dade County Dynamic duo asserts that we at HPD are corrupt. Especially when FF/BK/CQ/MB comes from an agency that has had more consent decrees than the third Reich!

Below is  the spreadsheet from some of the second floor construction (click to enlarge). The original permit indicated the cost of the project was $2,000 dollars. Since the complaint was filed about the changes without the proper permits and plans, the permit fees are $550.00. When the work is completed we will ask for the total cost including materials.


Copy of HPD 2nd Floor Renovations-1


Today in a last-ditch effort, PBA attorney Julio Gonzalez representing Isaiah Pitts met with CSR to overturn his termination. After a tenacious legal argument, Julio was able to successfully convince CSR and labor attorney Paul Ryder to reinstate Isaiah.

Attached is a list of lawyers who have submitted applications for the legal advisors position.

Applicants   by Job Report 2014-038:Public Safety Legal Advisor
Generated   by Tami Thornton on 12/11/2013 16:38:53
For   records between 11/01/13 and 12/11/13
29   records found.
Last Name First Name
Adebayo Olanike
Alexis Mathurin
Altemar Karline
Asad Elaine
Brown Jared
Ceme Claude
Fairclough Latoya
Fisher James
Haywood Janice
Hiciano ONeil Nikole
Holmes Cara
Jerla Thomas
Lancaster Jenny
McGlynn Robert
Mesa Giovani
Ocasio Imabel
Parrott Shannon
Patterson Jr Richard
Pearson Melba
Radcliffe Gabrielle
Rodriguez Clarissa
Sagesse Cathy
Seligman Stephanie
Shachter Annette
Taylor Ian
Trerotola Michael
Victor Woody
Wien John


The PBA has received information this week that one of the consultants FF/BK/CQ has on the payroll will be releasing his report. These findings will most likely include a slam of the former Chief, who CSR asserted was NOT ON THE TEAM as well as lack of discipline, crappy IA investigations and other fabricated results FF/BK/CQ and SCR/KD directed the consultant to create.

Now the ego maniac (T-20) can begin to implement his plan to change the corrupt Hollywood culture and dazzle the public and commission with statistics. Part of the plan is blue courage a mandatory training by Nila in January as well as the brainwashing session the supervisors will be attending on the 12th.

Most of these tactics FF/BK/CQ employed in Miami was where his BFF was the Mayor and T$ (Timmony) was the Chief. We have a former member of Miami PD putting together information for the PBA on his 5 year Miami plan which was cut short when T$ and FF/BK/CQ were ousted due to corruption. The feds may also still be working on a racial based profiling which occurred in Coconut Grove where officers allegedly have FF/BK/CQ on tape directing such activities and threatening those officers with transfers to overtown if they failed to comply with generating stats.

The link below shows what happened from this same behavior in Los Angeles…

1 TANGO 20

On Saturday 12/14/13, between 1100-and 3pm, the Broward PBA will be the drop off point for a toy drive for Florida families of slain officers. If a law enforcement officer from another state, Canada, or the Caribbean islands was slain in the line of duty and your family now resides in Florida then this established entity will deliver a toy or gift card to the children of the officer on Christmas. This drive is being done in the name of Motorman Chris Schaub, a BSO Deputy who was killed in a traffic accident. Please stop by and donate to this worthy cause. Cheri Stekar, from the HPD Honor guard will be assisting.

Serria one CEW was offered a chiefs position in Dade County but declined and will continue to work with Scotty at BSO.

The $2,000 alteration FF/BK advised the commission would cost is now up to over $550.00 in permits alone. I have done a PRR on the City personnel who have worked on this, as well as the hours spent on the construction. After the complaint of the work being done without the proper permits, filed on 11/19/13, plans were submitted and additional permits were submitted, including an electrical permit. FF/BK is in charge of code enforcement and he is the same one  who cites the public for such violations. Now he is exhibiting behavior that he would cite. We should anticipate the cost will be in excess of $2,000.

Yesterday the PBA sent a letter to CSR/KD asking for the air in the station to be tested for excessive mold. Members have complained about eye irritation as well as respiratory distress. Gail Reinfeld sent me an e-mail advising Lisa Powell would contact me on the complaint.

The Michael Nila mirrors have arrived at HPD and soon the Blue Courage initiative will be in full swing. I am sure most of you are feeling better already. BTW, great one on one contacts with the assessors for accreditation. Some quotes have to be saved for a happy hour session. LOL

Hope to see you on the 14th.

You can read the letter here –>


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