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Yes FTO’s have been getting direction from FJ/Major Gomer Pyle to keep on training new recruits who continually have substandard evaluations (DOR’S). Management needs warm bodies to continue the smoke and mirrors initiative to convince the Commissioners crime is declining and we are retaining Officers.

The daily reports are on the “S” drive and are public record. Hopefully someone who gets through will not create a deadly Officer Safety issue for others. Thanks FF.

If you have not seen the clip from Miami PD yesterday I have attached it. I texted their President Javi Ortiz this morning and commended him on the protest. He advised it was “insane” and they were chanting to fire the Chief. I guess when you take money and benefits from Cops they can get very upset. Hummmmmmm.

I spoke to several members about the newsletter from the Boy King, and the first three advised that they just click and delete. I found it entertaining, especially about the upcoming additional responsibilities for sergeants and lieutenants. If you read between the lines, it means “Com stat” or “Power Track”. Remember crime or anything else will never be Momma’s boy fault. In Miami under FF some Sergeants turned in their stripes rather than screw with the troops.

Scott kept his promise to the PBA to facilitate transports to BSO from the HPD Detention facility and this morning I called Steve Kinsey and followed up with an e-mail to request a change to the Hollywood district designator from 33 which creates confusion when a HPD unit transmits.

Below is a copy of a favorable Arizona Supreme Court case regarding pensions. Please note the attorneys who represented the pension board are locals and dear friends.

Also attached is Officer Stabiles close-out memo.

The PBA has also sent a letter and demanded to impact bargain over the confidentially agreements members have signed. See attached.

See the video clip here –

See the close-out memo here –

See the impact bargain letter here –

Read the Arizona court case below –

Arizona Supreme Court Upholds Constitutional Pension Rights
by The Voice of Public Pensions

NCPERS Files Important Amicus Curiae Brief on Behalf of Pensioners

Arizona Supreme Court Upholds Constitutional Pension Rights
In a closely watched decision, the Arizona Supreme Court issued a unanimous opinion on February 20, 2014 upholding a trial court decision finding a reduction in post retirement benefits to retired judges and other elected officials violated the pensions clause of the Arizona Constitution.

In 1998, the electors of Arizona adopted a constitutional protection for retirement benefits against impairment or diminution. Notwithstanding that public referendum, the Legislature altered the guaranteed post retirement benefit formula in 2011 causing a substantial reduction in the gain sharing formula. In response, a group of retired judges filed suit claiming the legislation was an unconstitutional impairment of the pension contract. An Arizona trial court agreed and struck down the law.

On appeal to the Supreme Court of Arizona, the Retirement System argued that the impairment was financially necessary, applying a traditional federal impairment of contract test which balances the contract against public necessity. The Supreme Court rejected that argument finding that the language of the Arizona Constitution was intended to add an additional measure of protection to pension benefits. Perhaps even more important is the Court’s finding that the term “benefit” includes the formula by which future payments will be calculated.

This decision represents a major victory for the protection of public employment retirement benefits, particularly in jurisdictions with constitutionally protected pension contract rights. NCEPRS filed a friend of the court brief on behalf of the retirees authored by NCPERS General Counsel Bob Klausner and Adam Levinson.

For nearly 75 years, NCPERS has been the Voice of Public Pensions, frequently filing briefs in cases of importance to the public pension community.

The decision is Fields v. Elected Officers Retirement Plan, 2014 WL 644467 (2/20/14).


One down, two to go

Today the PBA was notified by appointed counsel Theresa Williams that Fred Stabile was cleared of all criminal charges. He had been relieved of duty by Liberace on 2/14/13. Now we have to keep our fingers crossed for the two staff members still under review.

David Ferguson was released from the hospital yesterday after Mondays procedure. There have been no complications and he personally wanted to thank everyone for all their thoughts and prayers.

Just a brief update for now, we will have more before the end of the week.


No one can ever dispute the contributions or sacrifices Cuban Americans have made to America. Many of our Cuban members, both past and present are among the most loyal and dedicated men and women to wear (or have worn) the Hollywood uniform. However, timeliness is not one of the attributes they are commonly known for. Sometimes many of us thought Archie K. was half Cuban!

Attached is the response from FF which is dated February 6, 2014. However the stamped date on the envelope is 2/11/14. There, the response was (5) days late and the Jamie had already filed his grievance with the next step, the City Manager. I guess FF could not get the post office to fudge on the date a little.

In fact if you read the attached response FF was unable to get anyone in the chain to dive on a grenade for him and take the hit. Of course that would mean someone in the chain of custody would have had to be untruthful. I guess those members of HPD are not as corrupt as FF/BK/CQ/MB/FTF has portrayed us to be.

Also we at the PBA feel FF was untruthful about his conversation with Jamie after the lineup which resulted in the cease and desist letter. I requested CSR to conduct an investigation on FF for truthfulness as it relates to the lineup conversation.
A retiree who wished to remain anonymous just stopped by and donated $500 bringing the total to $7,110.88.

Read the response from FF here –

Read the request here here –

The hits keep Coming!

The Hollywood Police Pension Board is made up of 7 members. They have a fiduciary duty as trustees to lawfully administer the plan. There are (5) Police Officers elected by the active members of the plan, one civilian is appointed by the City Commission, and one civilian is appointed exclusively by the Mayor.

Yesterday Mayor Bober removed Larry Weiner, the mayoral civilian appointed by Mara many years ago and replaced him with Melvin Pollack. Larry administers pension for a living and has been a “mensch” (Yiddish for mentor) to the other board members. His expertise will be missed.

Mel Pollack lives in Hollywood Hills and was a huge Heidi supporter. Whenever former Commissioner Beam Furr needed residents to come forward at citizens comments to trash the pensions Mel was ready willing and able to accommodate. Recently Blattner e-mailed the (5) page Callari memo to Mel who then made copies and passed it out at a Hollywood Hills civic association board meeting trashing Traci and Jamie.

News Flash Mel….O’Sheehan LOST. See attached letter from Bober.

Last night I had a 25 minute conversation with the Mayor regarding the PBA’s concern for the appointment of such a naysayer. He assured me he will be monitoring this appointment. Additionally the Mayor is under the assumption the only one who is not happy with FF is me. I don’t mind being the spokesperson, but if I am missing something please do not hesitate to call.

Tomorrow I have to give a statement to SPU and while I am there I will attempt to get some direction and protective guidelines on transferring probable cause when CQ dumps his arrests on the membership.

Today I received a call from RLC, a retired Hollywood command staff member who knows Hedges from SA beach, a 14 man department. He questioned how can a Chief from such a small department accurately cast judgment on the policies and procedures of The Hollywood Police Department…good point!

See the letter here –

CQ 10-08 “Book em Dano”

Attached are copies of affidavits where FF/BK/CQ/MB/FTF viewed arrests and dumped them on responding officers. We have sent off these PC’S to get some guidelines on how members should proceed when Hollywood’s own Steve McGarrett decides to play Police Officer.

Also see the attached on Richard Hedges one of the consultants hired by FF to do an “INDEPENDENT” assessment of HPD. He was run out by his own Officers after several scandals dealing with property. There is clearly a common interest shared by the consultants and the person who hired them, FF, to get even with any rank and file since unions have cost them their positions as Police Chiefs elsewhere.

As expected FF now fumbles Fernandez missed the deadline to respond to the Callari grievance. He filed to the next step which is the City Manager. The response to the cease and desist letter is attached. There were about 45 members present for that particular line up infomercial. You can decide if the response is truthful.

Last Monday I had a brief but cordial meeting with CSR on a possible solution to retaining Officers who seem to continue to leave.

The public awareness fund is at $6,460.88 with the more than generous donation of $500 made by Bobby Wolfkill this week.

The diversions of rape kits and IA cases continue to be leaked to the press where FF has pissed off everyone in the law enforcement community. It is hard to be humble when you were the #1 City in Broward in homicides for 2013 as that Cities Public Safety Director.

See the affidavits here –

See the response to the cease and desist letter here –

See the news story about rape kits here –,0,1613095.story

See the articles about Richard Hedges here –

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