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Mookie, is she talking about you?

The PBA was in receipt of an e-mail from CSR/KD to a citizen who complained about comments made about Major Sanchez. First before even speaking to the Major CSR assumes the citizen is telling the truth and apologizes for the comment. This is very typical of CSR and FF who firmly believe the agency is corrupt. If you read the attached e-mail she states the vast majority of officers have turned the page. One commissioner felt she should get her hearing and eyes checked as the manager continues to fail to see or hear the concerns or issues of the PBA membership.

We picked up several new sign locations in district one today and one of the big ticket items goes up the first week of April. This is a new message that City Hall will really enjoy.

One of the HPD message boards broadcasting “Highly Patrolled Area” was scheduled to be relocated this week. Unfortunately when the member backed up the truck to move trailer he was unable to do so as the trailer hitch had been stolen. NOT so heavily patrolled I guess.

If anyone who has accepted the fact that on 9/13/11 the Commission and Manager took your pay, gutted your pension, and brought in the Boy King to convince you to turn the page please feel free to let the PBA know so we can count you out and add your name to the managers list of the vast majority.

A copy of the e-mail is below…

HPD still has the highest vacancy ratio.
(See the chart on the bottom of this post.)
From: Cathy Swanson-Rivenbark
Sent: Tuesday, March 18, 2014 6:30 PM
Subject: RE: Major Sanchez’s comment about City Politicians is disturbing

Hi Mr. Sutton. I am catching up on emails and appreciated yours sent bright and early this morning. I appreciate your suggestion that we summarize and circulate the points raised in New Horizons for the benefit of our employees. In fact, I am copying XXX to ask that she include the New Horizons on our employee intranet page to assist in the dissemination of information. As for Major Sanchez’ comments, while clumsy, I don’t think he intended any disrespect but I apologize for how it came out. I believe the vast majority of the Police Officers have turned the page to progress, including Major Sanchez. I am glad you like the CCTV program and we look forward to setting it up city-wide once the pilot has been tested and proves fully operational. (We learned what South Florida’s heat and humidity can do to technology in the past so we don’t want to repeat history.) Thanks again, Cathy

From: XXX
Sent: Tuesday, March 18, 2014 7:18 AM
Subject: Major Sanchez’s comment about City Politicians is disturbing

I wrote an e-mail last week inquiring about the use of the CCTV’s and other public safety programs being experimented within the city to deter crimes. Make no mistake that I support such actions as I have personally being a victim two times in the past 2 years with vandalism to my property.

Having said that, it is disturbing that there is an attitude in the police force that still exists between the police force and our city administrators that does nothing to help the city or reduce the friction between the two elements. Comments were made yesterday in response to my earlier inquiry about the CCTV and other programs by Major Sanchez that give cause for concern that friction is still rampant between the city and our police force. Statements were made that “I don’t pay attention to what the politicians say or do”. The statement was made in reference to the Mayor’s and City Manager’s article in the New Horizon’s newsletter. Not only should attention be given to what our mayor, city manager and commissioners are saying but without a doubt all city employees should be fully aware of what is being said, planned and initiated by the city administrators. The statement by the Major is disturbing in the sense that there is still an attitude that I will go my own way and do what I want to do without regard to the wishes or opinions of the administrators.

Did this comment reflect the still existing problems between the City administrators and the police union? Is it the same continuing problem that we discussed a year and half ago when my car was vandalized and the officer stated that the police can only do so much because they received an 18% pay cut?

I had hoped that the problems between the police union and the city administrators had been resolved to the acceptance of both parties but this latest dialogue does not give me any vote of confidence that a peaceful resolution has been reached.

I am writing this e-mail in hopes that these issues can be quickly addressed and resolved so that all residents can have confidence in our police force and that they will in the future give 100% to ensure the safety of it residents.

I look forward to your response noting any corrective action that is taken to prevent a recurrence.
I look forward to your response noting any corrective action that is taken to prevent a recurrence.
City Sworn – Vacancies – Vacancy Factors
Coconut Creek – 94 -1 – 0.94
Pembroke Pines 231 – 6 – 2.6
Davie PD 184 – 7 – 3.8
Hallandale 99 – 0 – 0
Ft. Lauderdale 572 – 14 – 2.73
BSO 1196 9 – 0 – .753
Hollywood 314 – 15 – 4.78

*Hollywood continues to maintain the 20 frozen positions 334 in the FY 2014-15 budget.

*BSO has 22 certified reserve officers slotted for those 9 vacancies.




Command Staff

If you think you have it bad, how would you like to be a member of the Command Staff who was not promoted by the Boy King? Could you imagine having to sit there and listen to this guy? How would you feel if you gave Momma’s boy sound advice and he did just the opposite? It must be frustrating.

Enter the outsider. Hoople Honan from Hallandale has told anyone who will listen that FF has offered him a position at the Hollywood Police Department on staff because he does not trust anyone currently on staff. How can anyone trust a Chief who is constantly untruthful?

If you think Frankie the Flaker is sharp wait until you meet Honan. Also, the odds on Guzman from Miami just went down (7 to 5.)

The PBA has received information that live entertainment has been secured for the next command staff promotion party. Yes, “Pauli the wall and the mudpatchers” will be playing their new hit single “I’ll marry you too!”

Attached is a lawsuit filed by the PBA on Monday.

Click here to read – Hollywood-pba-lawsuit-01-Civil Cover Sheet –

Click here to read – Hollywood-pba-lawsuit-02-Complaint –

Click here to read – Hollywood-pba-lawsuit-03-Exhibits –

Click here to read – Hollywood-pba-lawsuit-04-Exhibits –
Click here to read – Hollywood-pba-lawsuit-05-Exhibits –

Click here to read – Hollywood-pba-lawsuit-06-Exhibits –


Thanks Mayor

What a nice letter the Mayor put out yesterday. I assume he thought most of you have forgotten September 13, 2011, the referendum vote. Where is the correspondence concerning your pension he voted to take away, your short sale or loss of your home? Did he forget to mention his reckless spending and poor decisions which resulted in financial urgency or the pay cuts which drove our brothers and sisters in blue to other agencies? Sure he supports the Boy King. After you connect the dots, CSR/KD slit the former manager’s throat, stepped in and did the dirty deed by gutting pay and pension, then brought in the Boy King, a Miami crony, to starve the current Chief, because he was not “on the team”. Now the fist in the velvet glove is here to have you conform and move on.

The city just this week had their budget retreat to disseminate a tale of woe about FY 2014-FY 2015. This is a pre message for negotiations to cry the blues again.

Yesterday at the Hollywood Commission the tea party fell a little short. Peppermint Patti Aaseff indicated that 50 people from her District would there to support Momma’s boy. Well she about 35 short. These tea party residents basically said we overwhelmingly voted against you on 09/13/11, took your pay and pension and now want you to capitulate to the Chief who came in to the agency via the back door.

BTW Davie has 184 sworn with 7 vacancies, FLPD has 512 sworn with 14 vacancies and Pines has 231 sworn with 6 vacancies.

I am still checking around with other agencies.

Also belated congrats to the members who were promoted. FF has the PBA off the notification list. I asked for a copy of the announcement on Monday and still have not yet received it. Could it be it is still on FF/BF/MB/FTF’S desk or possibly in Callari’s personnel file?

Get the message?

On Wednesday at the city commission meeting, CSR/KD will be rallying the troops to support the boy king. District #1 Commissioner Patricia Asseff who is the fourth vote, has had all the resources dedicated to her district to keep her happy. She too is soliciting the lakes flakes for support at 5 pm.

The Mayor has said this year is going to be the most difficult budget year we have ever had. This means collective bargaining is going to be another pipe dream this year.

The message is clear for those who are stuck or chose not to leave. THEY voted against you, reduced your workforce, slashed your salaries and gutted your pension. They believe you should perform at the same level for less money and with fewer Officers. Now we are going to rally around the city manager and momma’s boy, so we can continue to keep you in your place.

For new people the low wages and bare bones pension are as good as you are going to get.

Get the message?

Gerber’s on view

Last week the Command Staff bike patrol led by the Boy King was on routine patrol on the east side of Hollywood (where else?). In violation of policy 101, Frankie the Flaker was wearing Sergeant Gerber’s uniformed bicycle shirt and was riding point when he on viewed a burglary in progress. A rare event since crime is down in Hollywood.

Momma’s boy saw a black male flee from a truck parked in the street in to a yard. CQ quickly set up a perimeter using the command staff and contained the would-be culprit. The owner of the residence was subsequently contacted and apprised of the crime occurring on the property.

Once the black male was apprehended a bring to was conducted by these aggressive crime fighters where the resident identified the perpetrator as “The sprinkler repair man.”

When the repair man was asked why he ran in to the yard from the street the repair man indicated that a sprinkler head had popped off and he was running to the head to cap it off.

Yes the younger officers can learn a lot from FF, however most of the senior members can tell the difference between a Burglar and a sprinkler repair man.

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