Thanks Mayor

What a nice letter the Mayor put out yesterday. I assume he thought most of you have forgotten September 13, 2011, the referendum vote. Where is the correspondence concerning your pension he voted to take away, your short sale or loss of your home? Did he forget to mention his reckless spending and poor decisions which resulted in financial urgency or the pay cuts which drove our brothers and sisters in blue to other agencies? Sure he supports the Boy King. After you connect the dots, CSR/KD slit the former manager’s throat, stepped in and did the dirty deed by gutting pay and pension, then brought in the Boy King, a Miami crony, to starve the current Chief, because he was not “on the team”. Now the fist in the velvet glove is here to have you conform and move on.

The city just this week had their budget retreat to disseminate a tale of woe about FY 2014-FY 2015. This is a pre message for negotiations to cry the blues again.

Yesterday at the Hollywood Commission the tea party fell a little short. Peppermint Patti Aaseff indicated that 50 people from her District would there to support Momma’s boy. Well she about 35 short. These tea party residents basically said we overwhelmingly voted against you on 09/13/11, took your pay and pension and now want you to capitulate to the Chief who came in to the agency via the back door.

BTW Davie has 184 sworn with 7 vacancies, FLPD has 512 sworn with 14 vacancies and Pines has 231 sworn with 6 vacancies.

I am still checking around with other agencies.

Also belated congrats to the members who were promoted. FF has the PBA off the notification list. I asked for a copy of the announcement on Monday and still have not yet received it. Could it be it is still on FF/BF/MB/FTF’S desk or possibly in Callari’s personnel file?

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