Command Staff

If you think you have it bad, how would you like to be a member of the Command Staff who was not promoted by the Boy King? Could you imagine having to sit there and listen to this guy? How would you feel if you gave Momma’s boy sound advice and he did just the opposite? It must be frustrating.

Enter the outsider. Hoople Honan from Hallandale has told anyone who will listen that FF has offered him a position at the Hollywood Police Department on staff because he does not trust anyone currently on staff. How can anyone trust a Chief who is constantly untruthful?

If you think Frankie the Flaker is sharp wait until you meet Honan. Also, the odds on Guzman from Miami just went down (7 to 5.)

The PBA has received information that live entertainment has been secured for the next command staff promotion party. Yes, “Pauli the wall and the mudpatchers” will be playing their new hit single “I’ll marry you too!”

Attached is a lawsuit filed by the PBA on Monday.

Click here to read – Hollywood-pba-lawsuit-01-Civil Cover Sheet –

Click here to read – Hollywood-pba-lawsuit-02-Complaint –

Click here to read – Hollywood-pba-lawsuit-03-Exhibits –

Click here to read – Hollywood-pba-lawsuit-04-Exhibits –
Click here to read – Hollywood-pba-lawsuit-05-Exhibits –

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