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Phase 2 District 1

city-high-crime-signPictured right are yard signs which are being placed in District one. Only a very limited number have been distributed but they have gotten some residents and KD to have an issue with their panties being in a wad. If you think a 90 minute flyover caused some anger, the signs should definitely get their attention. WE need some more locations in District one so please call us with any additional residents who want to pitch in.

Also, the City was unable to settle the grievance on the Callari Memo. The PBA has sent a letter requesting arbitration. At the last meeting I suggested the City polygraph FTF and other suspects to see who called the media, however my suggestion was not well received. Apparently after FTF finally admitted to directing the unexecuted and unvetted memo be placed in Callari’s file the City has no interest in disclosing the tipster. See attached.

There was a Mel Pollack sighting at City hall where he apparently had an hour-long conference with the Mayor. Pollack is the Mayor’s new appointee/agent/snitch on the HPPB (pension board).

I was in Tallahassee this week and Hollywood Government are still the class clowns in politics.

We were able to confirm the improvements to the gym were exclusively paid for by FM Foley (facemask) through his very generous $2500 dollar donation. Thanks JoJo but the brass has taken the credit. Shocking!

CSR/KD has been sniffing around for Wednesday’s commission meeting. She has been gathering information on how much money has been spent on the police department. Cars, building classrooms, mold, and other expenses. All those expenses and the overtime have been paid with money the City stole from you.

See the Callari Grievance here ––demand-for-arbitration.pdf

See the yard sign photo here –



Let’s Get Physical!

The following is a response to the physical training issue in the Hollywood Police Department…

From: Tomas Sanchez
Date: March 10, 2014, 2:06:23 PM EDT
To: ‘Jeff Marano’
Cc: Frank Fernandez
Subject: RE: Information

Mr. Marano,

We continue to uphold our mandatory participation by recruits in our physical training while they are assigned to the Training Unit. During FTO they are assigned to Patrol and mandatory participation by recruits in our physical training will not be required. From the date of hire to the transfer to patrol, new police officers are assigned to the Training Unit.


Major Tomas Sanchez
Hollywood Police Department
3250 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, FL 33021


Weekly wrap up

It’s been a busy week here for us at the BCPBA.  Here are just a few of the results of our activities for the week.

See the letter to the editor here –

See the association grievance here –

See the letter about lower standards for
Hollywood Police Officers here –

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