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Attached is the city ordinance for the general employees’ pension plan. Please go to page (5) article 10 and read the NEW language.

Keep in mind the City declared financial urgency in 2011, and reduced pay and benefits for two years, AND on September 11, 2011 coerced the Hollywood citizens to vote against the employees in order to drastically reduce the pension benefits of members who over the years made monetary concessions during the collective bargaining process.

Remember the public pre-referendum campaign headed by the City Manager/CSR to mislead the voters with skewed benefit facts paid for with the money they took from your pocket?

Or did you forget the misleading referendum ballot drafted by the City?

Remember the City Commission (currently the fab 4) indicated they had no other choice or option but financial urgency until the State Audit evidenced otherwise indicating the City had not exhausted all of its financial options?

Did you forget the several million dollars paid to the outside law firm to fight the organizations representing the employees which were also paid with dollars taken from you?

Well back to the attachment. Now the City who took pension benefits has drafted new pension language which seems finely tuned for a specific class of individuals. These must be very special employees as they only pay their contribution of 8% and an additional 4% fee for the PAST credited service. The other 88% cost to the plan goes on to the unfunded liability side of the balance sheet.

The punch line is this clause only affects one person, one employee, our City attorney Jeffrey Sheffel.

Most of all don’t forget to BARF when you hear the new motto ARK.
P.S. How is the third string holding up in the game? I hear the score differential is razor-thin.

See the ordinance here –


No Increases to Health Insurance

Commentary – Capitol Report
By Matt Puckett, Executive Director

The Legislature finalized the collective bargaining issues at impasse late last night.

The following issues were resolved:

1) 5% across the board pay raise for all state law enforcement officers, FHP and FDLE Special Agents. The raise will go into effect on June 30, 2014.

2) No increases to employees’ health insurance premiums.

3) No increases to employee’s contribution for the FRS (remains at 3%).

4) No changes to the current use of accrued special compensatory leave.

The final budget will be voted on Friday.

Press release: Hollywood’s Police Department’s consulting agency fails to respond to lawsuit

Hollywood Police Department’s consulting agency fails to respond to lawsuit.

Hollywood, Fla. April 28, 2014 – The firm of Charles A. Gruber Consulting, Inc. which was hired by Frank Fernandez, Chief of Police Hollywood Police Department as an outside consultant, has failed to respond to the lawsuit filed on behalf of the Broward County PBA.

The BCPBA’s attorney has filed a motion for a default, because the ‘consultant’ failed to respond to the lawsuit and failed to serve or file any paper as required by state law. In the earlier lawsuit, the PBA proceeded with a legal action to force the City of Hollywood and Charles A. Gruber Consulting Inc., to produce all of its public records for the period of time in which the consulting company has been a vendor and “consultant” to the police department.

“One has to question the ethics and indeed the validity of a corporation that fails to respond to state laws, and even the ethics and decision making ability of the individual or individuals who made the choice to use taxpayer funds on that firm.” … Stated Broward County PBA President Jeff Marano.

President Marano continued, “While the brave police men and women who work in an understaffed department in a dangerous city risk their lives to protect our citizens have their professionalism unjustly criticized, the Mayor and Chief of police support a bogus ‘consultant’ who refuses to follow state laws. Something here has to change. We filed this lawsuit so the city government could re-consider the contract with this vendor and the treatment of our police force.”



The recent initiative has certainly stirred up some banter around town. Some unexpected individuals have reached out with comments, suggestions and support. We realize our tactics may be construed as over the top and risky, however so is your chosen profession.

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Linked are some of the actions taken by the PBA on your behalf. The meningitis and expired tags issue were resolved via e-mail with CSR and HR.

Link #1 – Grievance-Fire Hazard –

Link #2 – Uniform-Standards –

The City continues to spend the money taken from your pocket during 2011 F/U wisely by hiring outside consul to litigate the civil suit filed by the PBA against the City and the Goober consultant for the public records claim. The lawyer is Dan Abott who is the former Hollywood city attorney and now works for Weiss and Serota. The same law firm Jamie Cole works for who is the former, former city attorney who now also works for Weiss and Serota. The current city attorney, Jeff Sheffel was previously employed by Weiss and Serota and the new attorney who will be tasked with labor negotiations comes to our lovely city from Weiss and Serota.

Does anyone have the computer skills do a flowchart?

Hi Elizabeth please call!

TV News Story Links!/on-air/as-seen-on/Billboard-Claims-Hollywood-is-Murder-Capital-of-Broward/255268321






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