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7 pm tonight at the Fred Lippmann Center there will be a debate between two candidates for County Commission seat vacated by Sue Gunzberger. The PBA supported and endorsed Joe Gibbons will debate with employee foe Beam me up Furr. Hope you can join the PBA there and support Joe.


TANGO 1054

Not only does the BK/CQ ride a police bicycle with another member’s nametag embroidered shirt without proper training and a valid certification or sign for new policies which all members are directed to comply with or obtain permits for construction, but now operates a police motorcycle without ever attending and passing  the 80 hour state mandated class to obtain a certificate that all Police motorcycle officers posses. All are remnant of the Miami baggage FF/BK/MB/FTF/MB/CQ had when he arrived in Hollywood. Do as I say not as I do. These are all traits of an ineffective leader.

BTW the senior members as well as the under 10 years have done an awesome job with the new officers hired by CSR/BK by indoctrinating them in to the Hollywood culture. One probationary member told a supervisor I am DWTC which is incredible and you ALL should be commended. The brainwashing  field trips to the police academy by FF/CSR to suck up to the troops before they graduate have been sent to the wayside. Don’t forget FF is transparent.

To evidence his lack of class and respect for the CBA the BK failed to mention in his memo the Tattoo Policy is on hold due to the Broward PBA asserting this is a uniform standard and a MANDATORY subject of collective bargaining. So for those of you who bothered to read the memo NOW you know why the policy is on hold. Don’t forget FF is transparent!

In order to hopefully get a better report from Nila at Blue Courage.BS, FF is hand picking and selecting only members who were not victimized by the fab 4/CSR to attend. Don’t forget FF is transparent?

BTFW our city attorney is in the finals for The City Attorney position at Coconut Creek. While he was busy beefing up his pension he already had one foot out the door looking to land some place else. This item is on the Creek City Commission agenda for tonight at 7pm. GFL.

Finally on a positive note the city’s projection for assessed property values was based on a 4% increase however my outside the city contacts have indicated the number will be greater than projected. The  city’s previous “inability to pay” position will not be applicable. Hopefully those numbers will be finalized next week.




Letter from the City

Linked below is a letter from the City regarding the list of articles in the CBA the City intends on opening during the upcoming collective bargaining process. I believe the new Human Resources Director starts with the City on June 2, 2014.

TMOFS overheard several officers on the beach involved in a discussion about a command staff member who is TDY as a Major. G Sal came in on the debate late, however when the term “bigamist” came up in the conversation G. Sal quipped and said “Let’s get some stats; you guys should stop being worried about a fog in Sicily?”

Click Here for the link –

Fumbles Fernandez makes Clutch Play

Third string coach FF while leading from the front (lol) at the Police Appreciation day decided to ride the Police Motorcycle. TMOFS advised, due to his inexperience as a certified rider he should not be on a motorcycle, however he continued to use too much throttle and rode the brake too hard which resulted in a $900.00 repair for a new clutch.

In addition FF/BK is tops in members who have not yet electronically signed in for the policy and procedures as directed. Momma’s boy leads the pack with 32. Click Here for more –

PBA attorney Rhea Grossman and others were victorious in getting the DAVID Lawsuits against members dismissed. However TMOFS advised the City of Hollywood who had one defendant/member who already paid the FHP Trooper prior to the dismissal. Click Here for more –

Why fumbles? Well a general employee who works at HPD was investigated by IA for theft due to allegations of factitious overtime compensation. The civilian apparently gave a statement and TMOFS advised some admissions of guilt were asserted. Well on date 107 of the investigation FF held a disciplinary hearing and was made aware that the AFMSCE contract has a provision where discipline must be administered within 90 days.

OOPS! The civilian will walk and FF has another offensive turnover.

The best is for last. Attached is a copy of a spreadsheet intercepted by The PBA. I do not know if this is a proposal, recommendation or the findings of another consultant but the raises for some City Hall peeps are off the chain. This is yet another morale booster. Read it and weep! Click Here for more –

One of the fab four, “Dick” Blattner had a discussion with a very senior Member who openly discussed the pay and benefit reduction of 2011 and how it impacted him personally. Blattner’s advice was for him to leave and go to another agency. CLEARLY the plan is to drive the senior members out and brainwash the new officers. I guess that is why most of you still have an invalid Police ID card with Chad’s name on it.

Those of you who are tirelessly whoring the community one on one about CSR/BK/ and the Fab Four are doing a GREAT job, Keep up the good work and keep the pressure on!

BTW I ran in to Tom Honan from Hallandale Beach this morning and he asked me to put a rumor to rest. He has no desire to come to HPD in any capacity. FF is still shopping for a #2.

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