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Jedi mind trick

On 7/28/14 the negotiations session will be at 1pm in room 215 at City Hall in Hollywood.

FF shame on you!

Now we are not calling shootings…shootings but Signal 31…Signal 31/Aggravated. You are so clever.

See attached letter to the editor and e mail to patrol Lieutenants.
Great news from the property appraiser at the latest report of taxable value has increased from the June report. Why? The city based the growth on a conservative 4%.

The commission has one more meeting before the August break. They will set the mileage rate “not to exceed” at this meeting.
The Joe Gibbons signs will be at the PBA on Monday and we will start putting them up in throughout Hollywood, especially cop land (Hollywood Hills). PS The August 26 primary to vote for Joe Gibbons is now closed which means only Democrats can vote against Furr.

How and why is it closed?

Answer: a write in candidate for the same seat qualified. Her last name is Saffran…common spelling. She lives in the district however her home address is exempt from 119.

See the letter to the Editor here.-

See the e-mail here.-

See the taxable value report here.-


Negotiations session

The first negotiations session between the Broward PBA and The City of Hollywood will be on Monday 7/28/14 at 1300. The location is TBA.

There will be a membership meeting(s) prior to. Dates, times, and locations are TBA.

A true Politician-flip flop and remove foot from mouth!

The boy king was recently quoted in the SS that the rape kits not being tested was NOT exclusively a Hollywood problem and recognized rape kits are not being tested nationwide. So now the political flip flop AFTER he threw the Detectives and the agency under the bus to attempt to discredit the former administration and the rank and file. If he would have done some research he would have found out how widespread this gap in the system is. Unfortunately it comes down to money and the victims are left out of the loop. Fabricating and planting evidence is not as easy as just putting a non-rebutted (untested) do0cument in to someone’s file and dropping a dime to the SS. BTW outside consul has already determined through PRR’s of City e mails that substantiate CSR/FF were untruthful as to when they became aware of the Callari memo. I know….shocking!

Attached is the SAN JOSE story and video. Sounds familiar?

FF/AKA “The Ring Master” has invited selected HPD members to “The Blitz”. Let’s see, you were entitled to an additional 2% and 2% the last two years of the contract. Then through financial urgency the City reduced your wages by 12%. Two years later you recovered 10% so you are still 6.5 % behind except for one chosen member, Frankie the Flaker. He has received two 4% raises which brings him from $135,000 to $148,000.

So now the circus side show, called the blitz, where the ring master will show the community how his troops can still do tricks without any treats. I see his motivation as he never has lost anything, except his job in Miami where the FOP sent him packing. As a reminder he is the only member of HPD who is 14.5 % ahead of you. Clearly he leads from the front as he is way ahead of you.

Remember that when he gives you the “take one for the team” speech.

BTW in speaking with a PBA member from the City of West Palm PD, who sat in on FF’s interview when he applied for the Chiefs job there, he indicated the BK came in second place….from the bottom. MB finished first in Hollywood as no one else was considered.

REMINDER….Wednesday at 1630 the Hollywood Commission will appoint a citizen to the Police Pension Board seat which is currently held by Dick Brickman. Blattner and friends are trying to remove him and replace him with a patsy; tea party type like Bober did with Mel Pollack. Stop the trend!

Please show up and support Dick.

Driving in circles

Ever feel like your days are spent aimlessly driving in circles? Check out this U-Tube video and see FF/BK/MD/FTF/CQ at play.

The PBA Attorneys and I have gone over the Hollywood Proposals 3 times and are in the process of reducing them to writing. Last week, I met with Raquel Eljabarita, the labor relations specialist from the City. The meeting went very well.  As requested, she will be providing the PBA dates the City is available for negotiations. Once we have that, we will be meeting with the membership and following the direction of the membership survey. In addition, the attorneys and I have some non-economic, common sense issues to also address at the table.

We have met and are waiting to again meet with the city on the tattoo policy.

Please go to the PBA website and click on to the “Charlie Crist” link, or you can use the same link at the bottom of this post. We are asking PBA Members statewide for this small donation. When you donate be sure to put LEO/PBA in the box labeled occupation, located at the bottom of the form.

I would bet $151.636.80 (BK Miami Pension) that if you tested every rape kit, in every Police Department, in every state, in America you would get DNA hits and effect arrests. That would be a perfect world. However there would not be enough TV time for all the law enforcement officials to brag about those arrests. The difference is most Chiefs came up through the ranks and effected arrests as officers and detectives. Then there are the politically connected KA’s who sold out and stepped on their brothers and sisters to get ahead.

Here is the “Charlie Crist” link that you can copy and paste. –


We have now joined the places where censorship and communication between people and others are deterred. Last week we attempted to send the survey via e mail and it took two days before the City, at the direction of FF even advised they would not distribute it and now some pog from City hall has indicated there is a policy, citywide which prohibits use of the City e mail except for City business. I guess the City Choir and bake sales are ok but not a simple communication with the PBA?

FTF is getting very good at hiding behind the wizards cape and having others do his censoring.

Yesterday we met with the city on the “visible Tattoo” policy. This was as a result of the PBA’s demand to impact bargain. After much debate it was clear this is another directive from BK. Clearly tattoos are an accepted form of expression by the younger generation. Back in the late 80’s at Miami P.D. many Officers tapered their shirt sleeves to create the illusion of a large bicep on a slim but macho body frame. This was accepted there but many Officers chose not to tapper their sleeves and just eat dianabol. The PBA and Major G. Pyle will be getting together and examining some dri-fit material for possible alternatives.

The supplemental distribution, AKA 13th check which was one of the many benefits taken from the membership was a heated topic at Wednesday’s commission meeting. Sheffel (Currently NOT at the City of Coconut Creek) CSR/KD attempted to slip through a resolution potentially changing the distribution. This benefit was created at the direction of the, then City Commission to help past retirees, especially widows. Sue Ellen Fardelman, the widow of Henry Minard receives a pension check of $420.00 per month. To put that in perspective the City of Miami Pension Fund distributes $415.00 a day to FF/BK/CQ/FTF/MB. Do the Math. See the body of an e mail from her below.

Thursday, Dan Abbott the City’s appointed outside consul represented Mr. Goober, the consultant in court to vacate the default on the PBA civil suit for failure to disclose public records. The consultant never answered the complaint and Dan was there to ask for forgiveness and get out of the default. Abbott provided an affidavit from Goober pointing the finger at a miscommunication between him and Sheffel. The judge, not satisfied with the affidavit, set it for an evidentiary hearing where Goober has to personally appear and answer questions from the PBA attorney. Welcome to the party!

A logical question is why are taxpayers providing outside, expensive legal representation to a consultant who in his contract has a clause which specifies the opposite? Not very transparent Goober but your embellished stories about rape kits, dog bites and criminal behavior have served the BK very well to trash the members.

Once the PBA office has gathered the data from the surveys, a meeting with the membership will be scheduled.

BTW the Commission sets the not to exceed mileage (property taxes) in July then finalizes it in September.

From: Suellen Fardelmann
Sent: Wednesday, June 04, 2014 9:30 AM
Subject: The 13th Check

Honorable Mayor and Commissioners:

Forty years ago a young Police Officer proudly wearing your badge booked a purse snatcher and headed out of the station back to his zone. As he stopped at a red light at the entrance to a mall he heard the crackling voice of his radio (better known as “second wife” realizing that little attachment would give him contact to the station no matter where he was or what he needed).

The dispatcher was calling for one of his fellow officers assigned to that area to answer an alarm at Mayor’s Jewelry Store.  This call was common since the alarm was located on the floor and was unintentionally tripped quite often.

The young Officer at the light answered through his “second wife” stating that he was closer to the call and would take it.  As he entered the Mall and then Mayor’s he had a smile on his face, but a hand resting on his 357 Magnum, now unsnapped and released from its holster, resting in a position that allowed him invisible easy access. He approached the Manager. It appeared there were only three other employees in the store. In reality, all other customers and employees were being held hostage in the rear of the store.  The young Officer asked the Manager if everything was alright.  The Manager indicated it was and the Officer said he would turn off  tripped alarm. The Officer took one step forward and a career felon walked from behind the counter, put his gun to the young Officer’s back and shot him at point blank range.  One lone employee was standing nearby and caught the Officer in his waiting, cradled arms.  The shooter said, “Drop him or I’ll blow your brains out.” Years later he wept in court as he retold how he was terrorized and had to drop him. . He could have taken the Officer with the other hostages. He just shot him because he was a cop.

Although in the hours to come, during rescue, transport to the hospital,  in the Memorial Hospital elevator and during surgery, where he bled to death, while he was repeatedly revived, it was back on that floor where they drew the outline of his body at the crime scene that he prayed his last words leaning his head over into his “second wife” saying, “My God, I’ve been shot in the back. Help me.

That was your Officer. That was Henry Minard, my husband, the Father of  2 and 4 year old  “daddy’s” girls. But most of all you need to know that I am telling you this story because as our daughters and I walked the halls of the Department a few weeks ago we realized this was more than a generation ago. Through my eyes I believe this 29 year old young officer could have been any officer.  His life was not taken, he GAVE his life as he was sworn to do.  He protected you from two career criminals.  The shot that rang out warned so many others that day to get out of the way and take shelter from a spray of bullets.

Hank represents all of the officers who have served and are serving you. I’m always happy at an Alumni Meeting to see one more “make it” without having to willingly make the supreme sacrifice for you.

So it comes down to this.  You hire officers who swear they are willing to give their lives for you every time they leave their families to go on duty. What would that be worth to you for your own life, you son’s, your daughter’s, your wife’s ? You list the benefits of the job when they are hired.  One is membership in a pension plan. They know that you will contribute a percentage of matching funds after a period of time they have worked for you.  In these days and times job benefits for insurance, retirement, etc count more than anything else. If the Pension Fund has good financial management it will grow enough to remain solvent and secure while still providing help for its members, retirees, widowers instead of stockpiling money like a bank.

Times have also changed in that in the past a widower received a portion of his/her social security check after the passing of his/her spouse. Just in the past few years that has been completely abolished.  A widower  has no benefit for survival after the loss of a spouse.

But I don’t think I should have to list all the reasons to justify the 13th check.  For me, I have a home bound ill daughter who has rarely even visited any of us for 12 years and we can’t visit her or we will contaminate her surroundings. So our check has always represented a way to take care of our children, or part of what we spent on parole hearings and some other personal, tragic incidents related to what Hank would have used it for.

Just a short time ago we had the honor of attending your memorial services for our loved ones who gave their in the line of duty.  I did not know how much controversy there was until a stranger mentioned it.  The department was wonderful.  The ceremony was amazing. We finally left our weight of grief there instead of bringing it back with us. I look at Hank’s face there in front of the wave of the flag and see our daughters’ close resemblance from 20 years ago.  We can remember the good times now and bring our grandchildren to see these magnificent tributes. As far as the controversy goes, there was only a beautiful spirit of warmth of support and compassion that day. Please don’t make that day just words and symbols by taking away the 13th check.

Please consider all of the officers and widowers when you take your actions today.  I have sat on your side of the budget difficulties. I have never asked you for anything, even when I had no benefits at all.  For you this is a line item in this balancing act of figuring out where to get the money to run the city, which I understand. But to us the 13th check means you have decided we do or do not deserve to have a benefit taken from us. After all is said and done every officer was sworn to be Henry Minard and every family must be ready for the End of Watch.

Kindest regards,

Suellen Minard Fardelmann


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