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Smoke and mirrors

Most of you remember BSO POWER-TRACK of NYPD COM-STAT where the brass can ridicule you and demean you in front of peers and subordinates. Well FF/FTF/BK/CQ/MB has brought the ugly sister program to HPD. It is being called The Problem Solving Initiative. Why are the stats low in your area, Lieutenant? Why have the accidents at this intersection increased, Sergeant? Why has the sick time usage by officers increased 820% on your shift? Why is officer morale so low?

Well here are some of the contributing factors DA!

1) Four of the current City Commissioners declared Financial Urgency and cut pay and benefits even though a state audit found other options and remedies available besides the extreme declaration of F/U.

2) As a result, members lost homes. Many were forced into short sales. Divorces skyrocketed. Senior Officers left. Crime went up.

3) The CM/CSR/KD, ran a Public campaign against the Membership disseminating factitious information to have the public vote against their own Police Officers in a referendum on 9/13/11.

4) Then CSR/KD hired a director. He was bounced by his police union and for (4) four years could not get a chief’s job–from Pinecrest to Lakeland–and who has more initials, nicknames and tags than any street gang in Hollywood.

Now you want to take away bid shift seniority from supervisors so you can transfer Lieutenants and Sergeants who are not buying in to your smoke and mirrors. Keeping members like JJF and MOOKIE where they are works just fine for the membership.

Anyone who thinks that The Problem Solving Initiative Meetings are not the prelude to POWER TRACK or COM-STAT does not know when FF is blowing smoke up your butt– even if PUD is holding the pipe when he does it.



Nothing new from the City as both actuaries (CITY AND PENSION) are continuing to share information on the PBA Pension proposal. Clearly the seniority proposal is about control and being on the team. There is a historical reason for shift bid seniority being in the CBA and to give that authority to an individual, who has a reputation for being a retaliatory tyrant, would be a disaster.

I can understand why FF/BK/CQ/FTF is so motivated and such a happy and gay little fellow. It is the left foot, right foot perspective.

How would you like to start each and every day as you get out of bed like this? You put your right foot on the floor and the City of Miami Pension Plan pays you $415. You put your left foot on the floor and your little girlfriend from the City of Hollywood pays you $405? You stand up tall and advise….Sierra $820 10-08.

BTW FF/BK has apparently also modified FSS on Valid DL, proof of insurance, and proof of registration for vehicle operators. Now, violators who fail to produce these items can just indicate they followed the advice of FF and did not have the documents readily available as they did not want to be another victim of surging identity theft in Hollywood.

We can be sure FF knows the impact of the 185 share account which was conceded in order to improve pension benefits only to be taken away by the Hollywood Commissioners via the double cross referendum. When the Boy King was given his walking papers by the Miami PD union his share account disbursement check was $173,000 which he rolled over to another qualified plan.

The PBA set the 119 suit vs the City and Goober for trial.

A copy of the court filing can be read here: notice at issue


The Cities actuary is in receipt of applicable data from the HPPF(Hollywood Police Pension Fund) actuary, Jose Fernandez in order to begin estimating the impact of the PBA proposals on Article 37. This is in preparation for the future workshop.

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