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Exodus II

Sorry for the delay as I was searching through the Metro Dade policy and procedure manual looking for test question challenges for members who recently took the Hollywood Sergeants promotional exam. Job well done FF.

It is apparent the City is in no rush to get back to the table. Why would they when many are working harder than ever before? This is because the caseloads and tasks never seem to slow down. The BK has been meeting and clotheslining road patrol officers for one-on-one meetings. TMOFS indicates they are giving him the same basic response. Morale is in the toilet and we want our benefits restored! Any new officer who is not willing wait until 55 to receive a Pension Disbursement or looking for the take home vehicle which appears on the recruiting brochure should immediately pop smoke and call for an extract.

The PBA attorney continues to review the new policies or the DOJ practices set down by FF/BK/MB/FTF/CQ. In the Hollywood culture, the Sergeant is the first line supervisor, a coach, a mentor, a counselor, and an advisor. Many of these policy changes bring to light a potential conflict where the Sergeant is tasked with conducting an investigation prior to the end of the shift. It is the goal of the PBA through the General Counsel to avoid any Garrity issues, violations of the Police Officers Bill of Rights and to protect any supervisor from being subject to criminal prosecution as a result of such violations. It appears FF is attempting to change the role of supervisor to a mini IA investigator. No wonder BK was so popular among the troops in Miami. It seems everything we heard about FF and his baggage is coming to pass in Hollywood.

TMOFS has reported that the new legal adviser, Ms. Perez, is throwing in the towel after 4 months of FF and his bias. Shocking after all she is a women. TMOFS also indicated that FF has gone way over on his budget and Lalla was concerned. It was reported CSR directed Lalla to find the $$$$ and give it to MB.

BTW, the overtime tree that was planted in FF’s office can’t last forever. Many members have become accustomed to the O/T and have altered their lifestyle accordingly. Please use caution and do not put the overtime in to your household budget as something you can depend on.

TMOFS also reported that 18 temps got their walking papers on Monday. This was as a result of the million dollars spent on temps over the last three years without commission approval. This was an agenda item discussed at the September 3, 2014 Hollywood Commission meeting. The staff violated city ordinances, policies, and procedures. The City Manager admitted to the violations and was GRILLED by the three new Commissioners for 90 minutes. This meeting is available online. It is quite entertaining to see CSR/KD attempt to spin the debate and change the topic. She must have authored the FTF written response to the planting of the Callari memo where FTF/BK wrote “I was reminded of things I had forgotten.” What a great come back. That arbitration is set for 12/11/14.

The PBA will continue to ask for dates to negotiate and work the outside channels to accomplish that. The actuary is still working on the pension proposals and is reporting they are very close.

Stay away from the Kool-Aid and hang in there. Keep telling the public the truth about the morale and our present situation. You have done a great job. Please continue. Since I live in Hollywood you can read this and take a citizen contact stat to show how FF is really making a difference.

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