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Last night I attended a probationary officers’ celebration at W/T. Supervisors, detectives, PBA reps (both current and past) were in attendance and had a blast. There is no doubt that the brotherhood, esprit de corps, and camaraderie, which is the fabric of the Hollywood culture, is as vibrant as ever. The burden of passing on these traditions has been placed on the people who remained after the F/U. You are all to be commended and we must never forget what and who was done.

We would like to congratulate JJF (Jumpin’ Jack Flash) on his new position as Chief of Police. JJF took a nose dive with FF/BK/CQ/FTF/MB when he reported his near death experience to workers compensation. If you recall, the PBA capitalized on the lack of permits and inspections done on the construction initiated by FF. We will continue to be nice to JJF as he may be a material witness for the PBA. The move to rural Alachua (a latch away) County makes sense. It’s so deep in the sticks that the PD doesn’t have electricity, therefore work won’t be a threat to Jack’s life.

Yesterday, the trial ended concerning four Hollywood members, where the City took the position that they were not eligible to participate in the DROP. It’s up to the judge now. The members were well represented by their own retained counsel and the City was represented by the millionaires club–the law firm who cashed in on F/U. We wish our members the best and hope they are made whole by the courts. BTW, Matt Lalla testified for the City. You’ll remember Matt from the article below.

The City has offered a settlement on the Callari grievance after subpoenas went out. Blattner would have had to testify, and CSR would have to explain why she had the document/memo downloaded to her computer the day BEFORE the PRR was sent. FF would have to explain why the memo even got to City Hall. Ouch, typical Hollywood. Time to settle.

BTW…what, if anything, is wrong with our current IA Policy? FF can’t answer that question can he? Is it because he hired his DOJ consultant buddies? The time to clean house is near.

Attached is a retirement letter that most likely will not be dispersed internally at HPD.
retirement letter

On Saturday please take a minute and remember everyone’s brother, Alex Del Rio. Always keep his family in your prayers.


Well Wishes, It’s Official

CSR was just confirmed as the next City Manager of Coral Gables.

BTW we found that many Hollywood anti-employee residents are tuning in to the blog, lakes flakes (TC) and Hollywood Hills tea party members (MP) who will really miss the KD. From all of us please GFY.

Mayor Bober asked us to spread the word…he invites Military Veterans to a barbecue on Tuesday, November 11. It will be at the corporate pavilion and starts at noon. The new date is in anticipation of rain on Sunday.

Please join me and have a nice chat with the Mayor.

Attached is a letter sent to the County Administrator requesting assistance with prevailing Police Dispatch issues.Letter regarding dispatch issues

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