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We Talked to our Unions

The SunSentinel today reported that the City of Miramar is putting aside $1.5 million for new officers. In the article, Miramar’s Mayor stated, “We talked to our unions.” That is true. I was part of the negotiations. If things do not turn around soon I can only speculate where Miramar will find some young certified Officers.

And speaking about talking to our unions…I had lunch today with Hollywood Commissioner Blattner. From my perspective, the meeting went very well. I am always willing to meet with Commissioners to explain the exigency and importance of restoring competitive benefits.

We are waiting to confirm a January 8, 2014 negotiation session with the City. We advised them that the lunch room/broom closet at Young Circle where we previously met was unacceptable.


Tough Guy

Attached is an e-mail sent to the Hollywood CM regarding the misconduct of BK/FF/MB/FTF/CQ/TG during the citizens’ comments at the Hollywood Commission meeting yesterday. (Read the letter Letter-re-FF-to-CM-Dec-18-2014)

The number of people commenting caused an “excessive use of force” upon the Hollywood Mayor yesterday. I feel he should be commended for allowing speakers to exceed the 3-minute limit as well as allowing speakers who had not filled out a card to speak by the 5pm time to make a presentation.

Also attached is Broward County’s response to the PBA letter sent regarding Officer/Deputy safety under the current dispatch system especially in Pompano, Ft. Lauderdale, and Hollywood. (Broward County Police Benevolent Association re Hollywood Dispatch Services 12-15-14)

Yesterday we had meeting at the PBA Office and spoke with union reps from BSO/dispatch. At no time did I ever insinuate that dispatchers were to blame for the situations outlined in the original letter. Clearly it is the lack of dispatchers verses the volume of calls. There is a possible fix in the works to add another channel to HPD during the peak hours. The PBA will continue to push the County to expedite the change. One important item which was brought to light was that BK made a deal with the County that Hollywood would only necessitate one dispatch channel to handle the calls for service. Thanks again FF/BK/CQ/FTF/MB/TG!

Fudge wudgie bars …here!

Nope just burgers and dogs in the parking lot. Boy FF knows how to throw a holiday party! You think a glutton who knocks down $830 a day…every day, 365 could spring for something better than a parking lot cookout. He is a classless act. Somehow I can’t grasp my head around Scarberry or Wagner showing such discredit to the troops.

Soooooo on Thursday, Dec. 18, patrol and others will gather at “The Greek Joint” located at 1925 Hollywood Blvd. at 5pm for a happy hour or two. Secret Santa received a donation from the FTC committee to start the tab. Please join in a celebration of camaraderie and espirit de corps, HPD style.

Attempting to track down rumor that every employee of the Hollywood CRA received a one ounce gold coin as a holiday gift. Current value is $1200. AGAIN this is a rumor however it is still Hollywood!

Mayor Bober

This morning I met with Mayor Bober. The topic was his letter that appeared in the “New Horizon” publication. From my perspective the meeting went well.

There are currently eight Officers who have gone to personnel to get their employment information to apply elsewhere. Many young Officers feel HPD is an unstable environment. They think it is foolish to continue to invest in a career where government is not committed to contractual obligations. Can’t blame them!

It is evident that appearing at City hall is a drag and has NOT been productive. However, we need to show support for the three new Commissioners and continue to represent both the Cities and the employees’ best interests.

The PBA will be at “Citizen’s Comments” on 12/17/14 at 4:45pm. Your attendance will be appreciated.


BTW rumor has it that FF/BK/FTF/MB/CQ has directed another recon mission on a location where alcohol is served. A plan was uncovered recently where IA would covertly put up crime scene tape at the next Dolphin home game tailgate and then FF, disguised as Dolphin Denny, would bring in a uncontaminated portable potty via forklift to the crime scene and collect urine samples from all HPD sworn members. Hopefully your aim is steady and your stream is strong as we would not want any friendly fire to hit BK while he is holding the piss cup!

This week I have spoken on the phone and had in-person meetings with Hallandale Beach people on the body camera issue. It all went well. The Commission of COHB will discuss a proposal Monday night at their meeting to hire a use of force consultant. Sound familiar?

Yesterday I had a meeting at the BSO/PSB and ran in to the Sheriff, aka SJI. He was walking out of a meeting with the new FDLE/SAC and subsequently introduced him to me. He is from the Tampa Office. He replaces the current SAC who was demoted to agent. She is a BFF of FTF! He complimented both the current and former PBA/FDLE Officers Jim Futch and Telly Sands.

After thinking about Telly–and when and why she left–it brought back memories of the first exodus from Hollywood (1980-1983) when about a dozen experienced Detectives left for FDLE and 10 road patrol Officers left for MDPD. As a result of them leaving, the City got smart and returned pay and benefits to a competitive level. The last exodus (2011) severely impacted HPD, which lost many experienced people, mainly to BSO.

Today the exodus continues. FNG just reported he went up to personnel to get a copy of his file and they placed his name on the waiting for file list. Ouch!

Yesterday afternoon I met with the new CM from Hollywood. We first met in 1986 when he first worked in Hollywood. Straight Dope…Waz built the City of Miramar! We spoke for over an hour. It went well.

At 2 pm today the PBA’s General Counsel, Julio Gonzalez, meets with Hollywood HR on step one association grievance on the Drug free workplace Article in our CBA.

I meet with Mayor Bober tomorrow regarding “the letter.” Include below are two responses from citizens.

Next Wednesday 12/17/14 at 5PM, the attorneys and I will be at citizen comments, before the Hollywood Commission, to address “the letter.” Your presence and support is requested.

Russell R. Chard letter

Tara Marino Letter

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