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Pension Hat Trick

CSR started her career at the City of Miami. After being vested with the City of Miami, she went to work at Coral Gables, her hometown, in 1989. While at the City of Coral Gables, she purchased 5 years credited pension “prior” service which backdated her date of hire at the Gables to 1984. This purchase is nicknamed “breathe time” as all you have to do to qualify for this benefit is be able to breathe. CSR only paid her portion and the City’s contribution went on the unfunded liability side of the Coral Gables balance sheet.

After being vested in the Coral Gables Pension Plan she came to the City of Hollywood, where she brought pension reform and poverty to its employees. This week the Hollywood General Employees Pension Board met. Guess what was on the consent agenda? Yep, a third pension for CSR from the City of Hollywood. CSR will receive approximately $680 (not verified) per month, for the rest of her life, for her several years of dedicated service. Now on Monday there is a pension workshop to discuss pension reform? You have to love government!

We are developing a plan to address the off-duty detail raid, which at one point may necessitate your appearance somewhere. We will keep you up to date as things develop. The irony is the same City that recklessly spent themselves into financial urgency, NOW wants to manage the off-duty finances.

The Hollywood PD official letterhead has been changed to reflect the absence of the word “Accredited” agency. I guess the next move will be to start scraping the accreditation stickers off marked units. Hope some of you northerners saved your windshield snow scrapers!


The big “F” for FF

A new one…Frankie the Failure who was unable to be accredited by CFA (Accreditation 101), is looking for a scapegoat, to be sure as Major Tiny Tears will dive on the sword. We can only assume the rumor about BK “pulling out” of CALEA in July is finally a good decision.

We had some fun today with the 1971 Carly Simon tune “Anticipation” by inserting the term accreditation to the lyrics. Try it and have a chuckle.

TROFS advised that the IAFF has a 3-year deal with the City that will be brought to their membership for ratification. Congrats! Boy the labor relations attorney works fast!

TMOFS has heard that FF/BK/MB/FTF/CQ has opened up an IA on the recent civil case brought against some of HPD’S finest. The best is the complainant/plaintiff has never given a statement against the members.FF is now forcing/ordering the Officers to give a Garrity statement which helps the plaintiff and compromises the City’s position while representing the Officers. BTW the DOJ Bible Thumper advises you do not need a complainant to open an IA.

Big V little a

TMOFS confirmed the nuevo Wilton Manors Code Compliance Commander is none other than millionaire Vinnie Affanato. I will just leave any comment(s) up for grabs.

Broward County PBA has been busy working on your behalf.

We will be meeting with the City of Hollywood on the two grievances (see below) this week.



Also included below is the demand for arbitration for a current member.


Having just checked with Hollywood Police Pension Fund Actuary, Jose Fernandez…he advised that he has NOT heard from the city’s Actuary, Mike Tierney. Last Jose understood was that Tierney was costing out the PBA pension proposals.

Recently, a HPD member was facing a 40-hour suspension. PBA General Counsel, Julio Gonzalez, represented the member and had the charges reduced to a written reprimand.

Former MOFS advised that the City of Pembroke Pines has 18 openings and at least one HPD has applied.
One member of the bunch who is leaving indicated that he would like to have fellow Officers join them for a farewell get together. Remember that they are NOT leaving because of the fellowship but for obvious career-related issues.

Stay tuned for the time and location as your attendance will show solidarity towards the men and women who have made the decision to leave HPD. Remember that those leaving are recent hires who are dissatisfied with HPD and have elected to go to other PDs.

Off Duty Detail Raid

Since CSR and FF/BK have been in Hollywood they have objected and taken issue to the current way off duty details are run in the city. Shocking but FF has stated it is corrupt for a vendor to directly compensate officers. This practice has been in place in Hollywood since the 1950’s at least. This is about control by the BK and yet another way for the city to get in your pocket.

The current practice allows us to be independent contractors which keeps the city out and the cost to the vendors down.

The city noticed the PBA on November 17th with an IRS audit attached. The audit contained incorrect information and misrepresented facts obviously provided by CSR and the BK to bolster their position. The PBA along with the Florida PBA immediately retained special counsel to represent the membership on this issue. We plan to fight this with all available resources.

TMOFS has indicated the city is getting ready to execute the initiative.

If you become aware of any vendor who receives a notice from the City please notify the PBA ASAP.

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