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Fundraiser For Judge Kal Evans

For the most part, both Circuit and County court Judges stick together. They may be Democrats, Independents or Republicans. White, black or Hispanic. They may be gay or straight, Jew or gentile, but in the end they all wear the ROBE!

Once again, a sitting Judge with an outstanding reputation is being challenged because of the color of his skin. This is not the first time minority Judges, including Hispanics, have been attacked. Now, as in the past, the BCPBA is asking for your commitment and your vote on August 30. In order to prevail, he must get 50% of the votes.

Please see the attached flyer and stop by to show your support. The contribution can be minimal, if at all.  We are requesting your presence as a sign of solidarity. I am on the host committee and hope to see you there.




The Unity Pub Crawl II

Just a reminder to everyone, the Pub Crawl II for the Peraza family is this Thursday. See the attached flyer for more information.


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