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November 8th Election – Let’s Vote Absentee … It’s Free

The PBA had some wins and some losses in the primary yesterday. Several of the judicial races are in a “runoff” in November. We still have commitments to those candidates and are obligated to support and vote for them.

Unfortunately, some members allowed the day, and their vote, to slip by. At the PBA, we are constantly challenged with the task of communicating with our members, especially the younger ones, to stress the importance of voting and political involvement.

In order to address this, we are suggesting that our members call the Broward County Supervisor of Elections at (954) 357-7050, then press #3, and request an absentee ballot. On November 8, let’s VOTE ABSENTEE … it’s free.

Check out the pic and connect the dots. Not a good trio for the Hollywood Police Department.





BCPBA Daily Clips – August 31, 2016

BCPBA Daily Clips – August 31, 2016

Just Sayin

Today we made some random calls and confirmed the volunteers for polling places. Apparently many members have not taken advantage of the early voting opportunities which leaves tomorrow the only option to support the PBA candidates.

I’m one myself and will vote in the am. We hope you will do the same.

The Judges are non-partisan and any registered voter can vote in their race. In these times having judges who understand the dangerous challenges facing  law enforcement is more important then ever.

Don’t see this as anything more than a vote for yourself.

Tomorrow, Vote The PBA Way!


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