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BCPBA Daily Clips – February 21, 2017


Fact Or Fiction

Recently the Broward County PBA received a misleading and derogatory letter from Mr./Mrs. Anonymous. Since there was no signature, we filed it in the appropriate location. These types of letters often circulate when person(s) have their own agenda. Currently there is a pension election and all active members, including R-PRB, will be able to cast their vote. There is a distinct difference between what a Pension Board Trustee does and what the Collecting bargaining unit does.

  1. A trustee is governed by the Sunshine laws of the State of Florida. The PBA is not.
  2. A trustee is charged with following the provisions of the Pension Plan document which is currently in ordinance and has no ability or authority to deviate from the provisions. PBA membership does.
  3. A trustee monitors the money managers who invest pension dollars; however, those managers are evaluated by an independent third party who compares our managers against others to evaluate performance.
  4. A trustee in not an actuary and depends on a professional to provide that service.
  5. A trustee is an active member of the plan and has no rank or different status then any other board member.

In closing, if anyone has a platform or strong belief to address pension changes, please come to the BCPBA meeting next Thursday, February 23, and direct them to the entity who is responsible for making those changes. This is not an endorsement. However, before you flush away years and years of historical and institutional knowledge make an informed decision and do not be misled by Mr./Mrs. PA Anonymous.

Your reps are aware of the issues. We have met, and they are continuously working hard to keep you safe and informed.

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