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BCPBA Daily Clips

Daily Clips For April 28, 2017


Letter Sent To Mayor Levy This Afternoon

Recent Discipline and IA Findings (Hollywood)

Just to clarify, the BCPBA is well aware of the issues surrounding the recent IA findings, as well as the excessive discipline attached to those cases. Without mentioning any specifics or members who have been through this process, the PBA and our attorneys can say with a great degree of certainty that Hollywood IA, their interviews, and their demeanor is, by far, the worst in Broward County.

As you know the this not only includes the cities we represent, but also the others where we have members but not the contract. The lawyers cringe and pack a lunch when they have to go to HPD IA. AND, the f***ing discipline ranks as the highest and most severe in HPD history. It’s not even close to the surrounding agencies with similar cases.

HTF can you discipline anyone when our own city attorney is so F***ing drunk he can’t even get over a bridge without using an unauthorized lane. He must have gone to the same driving school as Ted Kennedy. He couldn’t get over bridges either.

We can assure everyone that after going through the disciplinary process with city hall, if we cannot come to a sane and rational agreement, we will be proceeding with arbitration.

BTW, doesn’t September, 2011, and the unconstitutional f***ing the HPD took count for a pass on anything?

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