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We are in the process of finalizing a letter requesting a labor/management meeting regarding the issues raised at the Monday night, 9/25/17, general membership meeting.

After attending the HPD Pension meeting this morning, ACM Keller advised he would get with the PBA on Monday with some dates to resume negotiations. As soon as we have the date(s), we will notice the membership.

Attached are two legal documents.

One was filed by several City of Miami retirees with PERC as a motion to intervene. According to Stu Kaufmen, our pension attorney, it should have no impact on the final order from PERC being issued. Stu was also at this morning’s pension meeting.

Motion To Intervene

The second action is asking the Supreme Court to rule on the constitutionality of Financial Urgency FSS 447.4095. The supreme accepted jurisdiction and refused oral arguments. Klausner, Kaufman and Levinson will be submitting their briefs in writing. They also asked our General Counsel at the Florida PBA to submit a brief in support of the petition as an AMICS, a friend of the court.

Supreme Court Order

Finally for those who attended the Monday night meeting, I want to thank you for your participation and having confidence in the PBA to rectify the issues at HPD.


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