The Question

For those Sergeants who have been complaining about the lack of policy and consistency relating to the processing of complaint intake/blue team forms, we apologize for not having a solution for you by now. You can be assured the issue has been brought up in labor management meetings on two separate occasions, six months apart, and there is still no resolution addressing your concerns.

For those officers who are eligible and interested in taking the next Sergeants test, we apologize for not having an answer. Clearly the current list is going to run out of candidates prior to the expiration of the list. This issue has been raised at the negotiation table at almost every session. All the PBA is asking for is how the administration and HR are going to address the situation when it happens!

Both promotions and establishing policy are covered under Article 11, Management Rights.

As far as recent incidents which occurred during Hurricane Irma and before, the PBA has heard your concerns and will be addressing the situation. The PBA is your voice and we are committed to responding to your direction. WE COPY L/C.

As a former HPD LEO and a resident of the city, I think you all performed exceptionally during Hurricane Irma and its aftermath. Our newer officers, who were experiencing their first hurricane, were able to see first line supervisors make command decisions and some brass attempt to do the tasks commensurate of a first line supervisor.

BOLO for the members assigned to the food committee during the storm. Can’t wait for the blame game to start with this one. The PBA will insure the food committee is brought back, properly staffed and fully funded.

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