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Final PERC Order

The following post is from PBA attorney Michael Braverman.

On October 18, 2017, PERC issued its long-awaited final order in the Headley case.

The city was found to have committed an unfair labor practice and violated section 447.501 (1)(a) and (c), Florida statutes, when it improperly invoked Section 447.4095, Florida statutes, Financial Urgency, and failed to follow the procedures in the financial urgency statute by unilaterally changing the terms and conditions of employment of bargaining unit employees represented by the FOP before completing the impasse resolution procedure as set forth in Section 447.403, Florida statutes.

The commission ruled that the remedy in this case should be to return to the status quo as it existed on September 29, 2010, the day prior to the effective date of the unlawful action, and make the employees whole.

The commission directed the clerk to open a back pay case, where the amounts due the employees will be established.

You can review the final PERC order by clicking on the link below.

Final PERC Order


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