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MOU On Wage Increase/MOU Ratification Dates

Attached below is the MOU entered between the City of Hollywood and the Broward County PBA, as well as the Notice of Ratification memo.

Wage Increase MOU


BCPBA Daily Clips

Daily Clips For March 29, 2018

Update on Hollywood Negs.

Yesterday the Broward County PBA met with the City’s team and wanted to address the articles we had already discussed and had either rejected or agreed upon. Rick L. and Danny B. had been working with the command staff on several issues and are close to agreements, while other articles have to be revisited due to a change in the Chief’s Office. We wanted to have some sort of temporary agreement on articles so when the final PERC Order is issued we can rapidly move towards a three-year agreement. Keeping the younger members in mind, we proposed a 3% one-year deal on wages only to show good faith and commitment on the City’s behalf. About an hour after the session, ACM G. Keller contacted me and advised the 3% deal was a go and CM Waz confirmed via text the payment would be retro to 10/1/18.

Also yesterday, the BCPBA and City entered in to a mutual agreement requesting an extension on the post-hearing briefs due date. The 20-day extension was granted (see attached). The extension was needed because the transcripts from the court reporter were not available, and NO ATTORNEY can prepare a brief without the record being available.

Be advised that the treatment areas in the Memorial ER may have recording capabilities. If you are in a room with a patient/prisoner your conversation may be recorded.

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