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BCPBA Daily Clips

Daily Clips For April 27, 2018


Wage Increase

HR at City Hall advised the 3% wage increase will be reflected in the May 11, 2018, paycheck.

The retro compensation is undetermined as every member’s pay has to be done individually due to changes which effect your pay (transfers, step increases, shift differential) as well as overtime worked.

Summary of Negotiations

Below is a summary which reflects our negotiations efforts. We have met several times prior to the ruling from the supreme court regarding the illegal application of financial urgency by the City in September of 2011. Additionally, the PERC case that is now in the hands of the hearing officer has affected the outcome of a successor collective bargaining agreement. We are currently in a status quo for all articles in the contract. The exception to the status quo is Article 43 -Wages, wherein an MOU was ratified for a 3% wage increase retroactive to 10-1-17.

We also requested the current Police Administration revisit the tattoo policy. Several of the City’s proposals were from the previous Administration.

Article 9 -Promotional Procedures
On promotions the PBA and the City will meet and develop a contingency plan to address any future promotional lists where the list of candidates is exhausted prior to the expiration of the

Article 27 -Uniforms and Uniform Clothing Maintenance Allowance
BDU pants are currently being tested and evaluated by members.

Summary of Negotiations

See Attached

Our proposed recommended order was filed and can be read by clicking on the link below. The hearing officer’s response is due in 15 days.

Hollywood Proposed Recomended Order CA-2012-016

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