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The draft of the restoration ordinance has been provided to the PBA and the Pension Chair. Revisions have been made between the parties (not the city) to ensure we are comfortable with our position moving forward. Once it is complete we will request another session.

PRIOR to the next session we will have a general membership meeting to discuss the membership’s final proposal.

If you have not been present at any of the sessions, one of the proposals was to have “LIFE SCAN” as an added medical benefit. Click on the link below to learn more about it.

Life Scan



As you know the PBA and the City met for a negotiations yesterday. Unfortunately the session did not go as well as expected. The Cities process for the restoration and the Cities “election form” draft were neither available or abundantly clear. Last week The PBA requested the pension board allow the pension attorney, Bob Klausner, to assist the City with the drafting of the restoration ordinance.

I spoke to Mr. Klausner this morning and he indicated he would have a draft by the week of October 15th.

The PBA remains committed to the restoration and will continue to do whatever it takes to return, to those members, what was illegally taken.

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