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Guest Blogger: Keith Wadsworth, BCPBA Alt. Representative, Hollywood

I’m sitting in for Jeff. (Which are big shoes and a big chair to fill). I wanted to provide an update on PBA communications with the City of Hollywood, as it pertains to contract negotiations.

As many of you know, we are at impasse. We have had the hearing with Special Master Kenneth Starr and are waiting for his opinion. While we are waiting for that, PBA Representative Rick Losenbeck, Pension Board Member Chris O’Brien and I have been meeting with the city’s Financial Director, Matt Lalla. The purpose of these meetings was to cost out the PBA proposal and to come to an agreement on those costs. Many times the numbers we have and the numbers the city has do not match. (shocking)

We have met twice with Matt and Lisa Powell from Human Resources. The last meeting was 04/24/13. Some discrepancies have been discovered and have been corrected. The meetings have been very cordial and beneficial for both sides. We are close to agreeing on cost factors, which will help Jeff, Mike Braverman and the rest of the negotiation team when we go back to the table or, if necessary, a public hearing.


Update 1/23/13

Yesterday at a labor management meeting the PBA was informed that the City of Hollywood was going to purchase 50 new vehicles for patrol: 44 Chevy Caprices and 6 Tahoes. The cost is approximately $1.875 million. The vehicles must be ordered by February 15, 2013.

We received the pension numbers on CSR. Her current annual pension is $96,042.60. The COLA appears to be based on the return on investments where a 5.95% increase is pending before the City of Coral Gables. I will be inquiring how many years of service she had as a general employee with the Gables.

The city waited until the last day of the deadline to select the special master who will hear the impasse proceedings on the declaration of impasse made by the PBA. His name is Kenneth Starr. The next step is to see what dates Mr. Starr is available and set a date. After the proceedings, the special master will make a recommendation which is non-binding on the city. Then we will go before the legislative body – the City Commission – for a public hearing. Hopefully the current Commission will be more sympathetic than the previous one.

The PBA viewed documents from Human Resources which indicate that Majors Pardon and Sanchez as well as A/Chief Jones all received a 5% raise.

Update 9/19/12

The ethics complaint I filed against Blattner was dismissed at the probable cause hearing in front of the Ethics Commission. The complaint was confidential, but now I can explain the basis for filing.

NTL Paquette (now Owens) was on Blattner’s e-mail list for his blog. He used the same e-mail list to solicit campaign contributions for his reelection. Carol sent him an e-mail asking him to stop, but she continued to receive additional requests. We believed Blattner used his city computer and his authority to influence city employees. You might find it unconscionable for someone who the PBA has supported for many years, who proceeds to spend the city in to insolvency and th;en strips away officers’ pay and benefits to fix his mistakes, to ask a PBA member to contribute to his reelection campaign. We felt (and still do) that Carol should have been vindicated by the commission.

On Wednesday 9/12/12 the PBA political consultant, Jim Spearing, came down from Tallahassee to put on a two-hour seminar for BCPBA-endorsed candidates. Callari, Holodak and Serian from Hollywood participated as did as candidates from Hallandale and Coconut Creek.

Money from retirees has been continually coming in for Hollywood candidates.

Traci Callari has been working hard and had a great turnout at her volunteer get together. If you live in Hollywood Hills please contact her at 954-914-9190 to walk your street with her.

On Sunday, 9/23/12,  Sonia Barcelo from the Americana Pharmacy, who resides at 2200 North 51 ave., will be hosting a barbecue for her neighbors to meet Traci. The event is from 1-3 pm. Mr. and Mrs. Recio will be co-hosting. The location is significant because it is near the NO SHEEHAN residence. Traci will be walking the area and passing out flyers to invite residents to the event. We need about six volunteers to help pass out the flyers for Traci on Thursday, 9/20/12 at 17:45 hours. Please meet at 3918 Buchanan Street. This will only take an hour of your time.

REMINDER: Tomorrow contract negotiations will be held at City Hall at 1 pm.

Update 8/28/12

Last night at the PBA meeting we had a great turnout in spite of the storm and the overall state of affairs facing the membership. During the meeting, while discussing  the PBA activities we’ve been involved in to address the pay and benefits you have all lost, I mentioned having a meeting with Commissioner Beam Furr last Friday at Rickey’s. The purpose was to solicit his influence in an attempt to rectify the memberships’ current situation. There was never the mention or suggestion by him or myself about any support for future elected positions. I apologize if I had misled or confused anyone at the meeting and if any member needs clarification please do not hesitate to call me.

There will be two candidates nights for individuals who are seeking election to the Hollywood Commission.

Tonight from 600-900 at the Community Center located at 6770 Garfield Street.

Tomorrow from 600-900 at the Hollywood Center for Performing Arts located at 1770 Monroe Street.

Update July 6,2012

There will be a special public meeting on the 2012 tak aways on July 16th at approximately 3 pm. Fire will be going on that date also and they begin at 2 pm. This is a formality; pursuant to FSS 447,  unresolved issues have to be brought before the legislative body for a final vote. The legislative body is the Hollywood Commission. This is the same procedure we on the 2011 items. We still have to vote on the imposed takeaways from 2012, another formality. PERC has changed the procedures and rules on ratification, which make it more difficult for labor organizations to conduct union business in the state of Florida.

We have a tentative date to meet with the City of Hollywood on July 20, 2012 at 1 pm for restoration of benefits in 2013. We have requested to use the Broward PBA to facilitate the session but after two requests have not confirmed the location.

The commission will have a budget workshop on July 10. I believe it  starts at 3:30 pm. The PBA will be in attendance. This may give us an indication on the amount of money set aside for the bargaining unit in 2013.

The PBA will conduct candidate screenings for Hollywood Commission on July 12 here at the main office. This will give us an opportunity to get the candidates’ positions on our issues. Once the process is completed the endorsed candidates will need our support – boots on the street – to get elected.

On Wednesday July 18, the Hollywood Commission meets to set the mileage rate for FY 2013.

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