Request For Collective Bargaining Session


Letter From Jeff Marano To Hollywood Mayor & City Commission

Miami PD, Hollywood Fire And BCPBA

Attached is a writ from the third DCA which came out yesterday which reversed the circuit judges decision to allow Miami Police Pension Fund to address pension benefits illegally taken under 2010 F/U.

DCA Opinion

This is a comment from Hal Johnson, Florida PBA GC, after he read the document:

It appears the court put the issue of retroactive adjustment of pensions back with the City, FOP and PERC. And, then told the parties not to come back until they had a final order from PERC.

Also attached is the HORO (Hearing Officers Recommended Order) for Hollywood Fire. They too received an unfavorable opinion. The IAFF wavier is referenced on page 11.

Hearing Officer’s Recommended Order

Also attached is the State Audit of the City of Hollywood and CRA from February 2013.

State Audit

After the negotiations session on Monday, and some verbal exchanges with some City Hall dwellers, the PBA was advised there will be an executive session on June 20, 2018, to discuss PBA/City negotiations. After they meet in the executive session, we will either return to the table to negotiate or meet and decide how the membership wants to proceed.

In closing, I apologize for the “Don’t bother” remark in a recent post which some members misconstrued as a cancellation of the meeting. Be assured the PBA is working with several commissioners, staff and outsiders to locate or establish a funding source to make whole, those members who were adversely effected in 2011.

Also thanks to the PBA reps who agreed to stay the course and fight the fight until we prevail.

Update On Tomorrow’s Meeting (Don’t Bother)

Just received a call from ACM Keller, who advised the city was in receipt of the pension restoration costs from their actuary. After meeting with the CM, Keller advised the restoration is not affordable. For those of you who were going to attend and expected something positive, I apologize.

We will be discussing the PBA position going forward.

I do not believe the city is in receipt of the letter from Bob Klausner outlining their legal opinion on the illegal changes made to the pension plan imposed in 2011.

Below is a link to an update on KD and MD/FTF/BK down in the Gables.

Coral Gables manager spanked for interfering with background check

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