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Today we made the New York Daily News where one of our residents was arrested for prostitution along with her 15-year-old daughter. Apparently the streets of our fair city have become so congested with hookers they have to go out-of-town, to New York, where it is less crowded to conduct business.

Now we add a couple more groups who have taken FF/BK/CQ/MB/FTF off of their Christmas list. Yesterday approximately 30 Haitian Refugees landed in Fort Lauderdale, just north of the jetty. Hollywood was called for a creole translator to respond to interview the refugees before Homeland Security/Border Patrol transported them to chrome. Unfortunately, Buddha, our only creole speaking officer was forced to leave during financial urgency and we were unable to assist.

However, one of the refugees was able to communicate with the authorities in broken english and indicated they were not refugees but applicants for HPD and were simply responding to the radio advertisement. One refugee had a cell phone number for a contact named Simba, a lawyer who was going to help with their naturalization process. Needless to say, neither FLPD or Homeland Security are happy with FF/BK/CQ/MB/FTF.

Please read the attached newsletter from Steve Slade, Tallahassee PD who is looking forward to working with the new Chief. DeLeo is from Plantation PD and had made it to the final selection process. TPD/PBA members had sat on the selection committee and asked us to do an informal check on DeLeo. We made some inquires with our Plantation contacts who gave him a thumbs up. We passed along the information to TPD/PBA and DeLeo was appointed. Now the PBA at TPD has ownership by participating in a collaborative effort which will essentially benefit those TPD members.

Read the Steve Slade Article here.

Read the New York Daily News Article here


“I just come out the house”

Boy, if we haven’t heard this one before. The question is if FF/BK/CQ/MB/FTF is ever going to stand up and take responsibility for anything? Was he the Public Safety Director for the last 17 months, overseeing the police operations? Or, is this just a diversion to have the public focus on the paid consultant’s propaganda and not address the Homicides, Rapes, Shootings, Prostitution, and Gang Activity which has skyrocketed under his leadership?

But FF/BK/CQ/MB/FTF takes credit for the audit uncovering the IA files which were erased. The truth is these discrepancies were uncovered by the two IA investigators and not the paid consultant. To confirm this ask yourself the following: Who, under subpoena, gave statements on the files to the ASA? Who brought up the files up to the ASA? It was IA and not the paid pimp/aka consultant! Sorry but FF/BK/CQ/MB/FTF produced yet another untruth.

This morning after the “I have a scheme” speech he had asked to speak to Jamie Callari in the patrol Sergeants Office. MIND YOU there is a pending grievance where Callari was represented by PBA consul on 1/27/14. You guessed it; FF/BK/CQ/MB/FTF starts to tell Jamie about his lack of involvement in the memo being PLANTED in his file.

As a result The PBA General Consul has put the City on notice. See attached

A new IA initiative is being researched. More to come.

The Public Information Fund is at $3,410.88 and we received a verbal commitment for an additional $500 dollar donation from a soon to be retiree.

I spoke to Cafiero today and accused her of being biased on the consultant’s report.



On a serious note, Echo 277 is now 10-08 as E-67. He has sustained some medical issues as a result of the electrical explosion. Hopefully the effects are not permanent.

Also on the 28th, Billy Ferguson’s son, David goes in for another procedure on his heart. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

It seems FF/BK/CQ/MB/FTF continues to make friends in this foreign land, Broward County. First we confirmed that he was the tipster on the Rape Kit story. The story implied that 94 rape kits were sitting on a shelf and were never tested. This information must have come from his “PAID” consultants and spun by FF/BK/CQ/MB/FTF along with city hall staffers.

View the story here –

Not only were the members of HPD insulted by the inferences in the story but the Broward State Attorneys who prosecute these cases were livid as the  news clip implied they may have failed in their duties as prosecutors. Thanks Frank for your help in compromising our professional relationship with the State that HPD has enjoyed for many years.

Step two of the grievance submitted by Jamie Callari will be heard on Monday 1/27/14 at 3:30PM. Bob Norman has been following this story and you can only guess who was the tipster on this document also, Frankie the Flaker.

View the story here –

The PBA has initiated an effort to make the public more aware of the situation at HPD. We have requested donations from the alumni/retiree’s at HPD. The donations have been coming in and I am proud to see checks from former Chiefs, Assistant Chiefs, Majors, Captains, and dispatchers as well as former rank and file members. They will never forget where they came from or what the city has done to this membership.

Capitol Report

Capitol Report

Matt Puckett, Executive Director

Weekly Wrap Up: For the Week Ending January 17, 2014

The Florida Legislature is rolling out proposals to once again reform pension plans at the state and local government levels.  Here are two brief summaries of the proposals:

Local Government Police and Firefighter Pension Plans

SB 246 by Senators Jeremy Ring and Rob Bradley.
HB 509 by Representative Matt Caldwell

This legislation continues to be a work in progress.

At a basic level, the various parties (employees and employers) are trying to reach a position where benefits levels can be adjusted without causing harm to plans that are in good financial shape, or without losing the ability to utilize the premium tax monies issued to the municipalities from the state.  The ideas are incredibly complex, because no two plans are alike and there are hundreds of plans.  Therefore, fixing one plan can cause harm to another.

The PBA’s position is simple – provide benefit flexibility to plans in serious financial trouble but that flexibility must maintain a quality defined benefit plan for those troubled plans and allow for use of premium tax monies.  We are also adamant that premium tax monies come with strings attached for participating employers.  Finally, do no harm to plans which are on a solid financial footing unless those plans drop below a certain funding level in the future.

Florida Retirement System

The Florida PBA met with the Speaker of House of Representatives Will Weatherford, Senate President Don Gaetz, House of Representatives Appropriations Chairman Seth McKeel and their respective staff in separate meetings on Thursday to hear their joint proposal on reforming the Florida Retirement System for new employees.  We were joined in the meetings by representatives from the Florida Professional Firefighters, Florida Sheriff’s Association and the Fraternal Order of Police.

The proposal will examine a possible move by new employees into what is called a hybrid plan.  There are two hybrid plan options: 1) the cash balance plan and 2) the defined benefit/defined contribution plan.  Few details of each plan option were presented during the brief discussions.

A major component of the proposal is both the Speaker and the Senate President are exploring these options for non-special risk employees only.  Their initial intention is to exempt special risk employees from the new option altogether and allow new special risk employees to enroll in the current defined benefit plan.

Without question, we are very thankful to Speaker Weatherford and President Gaetz for their strong support of law enforcement and correctional officers and we believe a new plan that is fair to everyone while protecting the system is an idea worth serious consideration.  However, our association is committed to protecting the system and all of the employees (retirees, active and future).  Right now, we have questions about the new proposals and we have not agreed to take a position either way (support or opposition).   PBA will be actively engaged with the all parties during the process and, when the time comes, we will make an well informed decision.

At this point, PBA has not taken a position.


In Miami, dope cops were prosecuted for planting dope, tactical cops were prosecuted for planting guns, and paper cops were sent to Hollywood to plant paper.

The following post does not cast any judgment on whether a supervisor should or should not document a subordinate prior to transferring him/her, or if the transfer was right or wrong. The following is about how the document was maliciously utilized to defame a member.

A memo was generated by Jamie Callari’s superiors outlying (5) pages of issues and incidents relating to Calliri’s work activities and requesting he be transferred from the VIN Unit. When finalized the memo was shown to a staff member in the chain of command who wanted to handle the transition diplomatically without vetting the memo. The staff member met with FF/BK/CQ/MB aka/FTF and passed on his intentions to address and facilitate the transfer of Callari.

FTF agreed, however but retained the memo.

Several weeks ago I received a phone call from a media source who asked if Callari, the staff member, and the superior were all still employed. After I confirmed the member’s status I asked what it was about. The source replied “I got a tip”.

Investigation revealed person(s) unknown planted or directed the document to be planted in Callari’s personal file and then flaker(s) unknown dropped a dime. This memo was never shown to Callari. He was never able to refute or explain his side of the allegations and was not afforded the opportunity to attach a rebuttal to the memo. This is a clear denial of due process and Callari is seeking remedies. This is an obvious attack on one of the Commissioners who give his momma a poor annual evaluation.

Finally we have a consultant to study our policies and procedures. We thought that was what the accreditation process the department went through two months ago was for. Nope, this one is “an independent” consultant paid for by FF/BK/CQ/MB/FTF. I don’t know how your findings can be independent when you are on someone’s payroll. I guess an old acquaintance needed a consulting gig?

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