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Update on Negotiations Session

Today the PBA reps met in preparation for the upcoming negotiations session scheduled for Friday, 5/29/15 at the Parks and Recreation HQ. As you know we declared impasse and have selected a special magistrate for the hearing to debate the disputed articles.

TMOFS advised the new ACM/Public Safety Director will arrive on June first. Don’t expect to see him in the gym everyday, running on the beach every Wednesday, or riding/crashing a police motorcycle. The drone order will most likely be cancelled as well.

We have been speaking to LFA/Billy Jack(ed) on a regular basis. He has a cement pond in his new dwelling and finally had a friendly neighbor who came over and told him to stop putting his cane pole fishing pole in the cement pond because the other neighbors are complaining.



POS/FF just fired Edge. We will appeal tomorrow to the CM. Thanks for the memories DB/FF!

This is a very special TBT as this Thursday we are sure FF will be thrown back to Dade County where he now and always belonged. The FF show will continue to air for another 8 days with a final bike ride and another episode of “All about me.” FF did spend a lot of money for overtime, toys, even shower renovations. Let us not forget the Fusion Center, which improperly installed cameras on non-city locations and then had to relocate them. Those cams went up and down faster than an Yo-Yo. Just remember that all the money spent was from the poisonous tree — stolen from you through a fraudulent financial urgency declaration.

On the holster issue: Major Gump continues to assert that the department needs to develop a standard of training for officers who want to have the light affixed to their weapon. Just trying to deal with this illogical thinking is difficult. The PBA suggested the PD use the same training lesson plan which was used for SWAT and K-9, and that it be implemented department wide. Also a question… if a K-9 Officer gets promoted and is transferred to road patrol, does he/she keep the holster? Do does he/she somehow loose their expertise and have to transition back into the patrol holster?

As for the City of Hollywood negotiations/impasse we are continuing efforts to expedite the process. The IAFF/KA/SA has been so cooperative that we are just finishing the process now– some 8 months after expiration. It appears that even if you play nice, you are not on the priority list.

Attached is the copy of a second request email that’s worth a look if you’re in the mood for a chuckle.


The two attached grievances were delivered today via e mail to BK/FF/MB/CQ/FTF.

BTW does the CQ still wear a Gerber’s small/medium bike shirt with the tapered sleeves? Does FF have some kind of emotional attachment to the Man from China?



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