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Update 1/23/13

Yesterday at a labor management meeting the PBA was informed that the City of Hollywood was going to purchase 50 new vehicles for patrol: 44 Chevy Caprices and 6 Tahoes. The cost is approximately $1.875 million. The vehicles must be ordered by February 15, 2013.

We received the pension numbers on CSR. Her current annual pension is $96,042.60. The COLA appears to be based on the return on investments where a 5.95% increase is pending before the City of Coral Gables. I will be inquiring how many years of service she had as a general employee with the Gables.

The city waited until the last day of the deadline to select the special master who will hear the impasse proceedings on the declaration of impasse made by the PBA. His name is Kenneth Starr. The next step is to see what dates Mr. Starr is available and set a date. After the proceedings, the special master will make a recommendation which is non-binding on the city. Then we will go before the legislative body – the City Commission – for a public hearing. Hopefully the current Commission will be more sympathetic than the previous one.

The PBA viewed documents from Human Resources which indicate that Majors Pardon and Sanchez as well as A/Chief Jones all received a 5% raise.


update 1/14/13

The PBA received information that some of the command staff may have e recently gotten pay raises. I have asked Human resources for the information for over 10 days and they continue to advise they are checking. Must be true!

The City has not officially disagreed to bypass the special master proceedings on the PBA declaration of impasse which occurred an 12/20/12 after the cities offer of a 2% raise. The PBA acting general consul has attempted to get a firm answer from the City who appear to be uncooperative.

The PBA has executed a public records request to the city of Coral Gables for information pertaining to CSR’s pension benefits. As you are aware FF has a pension benefit of $151,636.00 per year.

As crazy as it may seem a supervisor contacted the DEA to commission a drug dog for a search of an area of the Police Department. This act was stopped by a command staff member just before the search was to occur. Things may become very interesting at HPD in the near future.

The Chiefs retirement is coming up and we don’t think you will have to worry about bumping into anyone fcked you from City Hall or elected officials who severely reduced the pay and benefits of the membership. Invitation only if you know what we mean. 


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