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119 Civil Suit

Judge Says City Acted In Bad Faith To Public Records Request


Update 8/28/12

Last night at the PBA meeting we had a great turnout in spite of the storm and the overall state of affairs facing the membership. During the meeting, while discussing  the PBA activities we’ve been involved in to address the pay and benefits you have all lost, I mentioned having a meeting with Commissioner Beam Furr last Friday at Rickey’s. The purpose was to solicit his influence in an attempt to rectify the memberships’ current situation. There was never the mention or suggestion by him or myself about any support for future elected positions. I apologize if I had misled or confused anyone at the meeting and if any member needs clarification please do not hesitate to call me.

There will be two candidates nights for individuals who are seeking election to the Hollywood Commission.

Tonight from 600-900 at the Community Center located at 6770 Garfield Street.

Tomorrow from 600-900 at the Hollywood Center for Performing Arts located at 1770 Monroe Street.

Fire Negotiations 8/21/12

The City’s Offer was as follows:

1 year agreeement”this is the absolute best we can do” LOL “then in 2014 we can resume negotiations and HOPEFULLY can do more” states CSR

lump sum payment in mid december of approximately $606,000 divided among the HFD membership which equates to about $3000 per firefighter. (NON PENSIONABLE)

A back drop for up to five years.Explained but very confusing.

A cash out of time on the books option when you reach normal retirement age.

$200 Flex spending account to help with medical co-payments

Use of 175 monies released from the state this year for a share account OR to reduce pension contributions. The state will be releasing 185 funds as well for this year as the city was previously in compliance $1,111,000.

HFD would have to drop all litigation against the city.

Opinion: they are concerned about the litigation.

Justin Serian and Cliff Germano also attended. No Sheehan came late I assume she is still hoping for the Fire fighters endorsement!



Upcomming Meeting

The BCPBA will be having a membership meeting on Monday 8/27/12 at 6 pm at the Hollywood PBA to vote on the imposed contracts (2011-2012) as if we would agree to those take aways. This is the excuse that Hollywood HR is using to justify the false representations on the City website as it relates to the pay plan. 

Fire is going to the table 8/21/12 for negotiations at 1 pm. The PBA will have representation there to cover the progress.

JOB WELL DONE to the Pension board of trustees. Year to date return on investments is 13.31% with 40 days left in the fiscal year.




1.   Current salary $135,975

2.  Pension – General Employee Retirement Fund

3.  Temporary car allowance of $400 per month.  Take home vehicle ordered in approximately 60-90 days.

4.  Phone stipend $100 per month

5.  No residency requirement

6.  Resides in Miami

7.  Information not in our file

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