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BCPBA Daily Clips

Daily Clips For August 31, 2017


BCPBA Daily Clips

Daily Clips For August 30, 2017


The PBA has filed for arbitration on one of its members’ discipline case, and are awaiting an arbitrator. We are in the process of filing a second request for arbitration on another Hollywood member’s discipline.

Linked below is the recommended order from PERC relating to the 2010 financial urgency declaration in the City of Miami, aka the Headley Case.

Recommended Order From PERC

The Hollywood Police Pension Board requested a legal opinion from the law firm representing them, Klausner, Kaufman, Jensen and Levinson, re: how does the Headley Case impact the 2011 F/U declaration in Hollywood. A link to the law firm’s letter is below.

Legal Opinion Letter

BYW Bob Klausner argued the Headley Case in front of the Florida Supreme Court and I believe the video is still on the HPPF Webpage.

On Friday August 18, 2017, the Pension board unanimously voted to accept the law firms recommendation. In addition, the board gave the City 60 days to resolve the pension restoration situation with the PBA, as long as the FINAL order from PERC comes down within the 60 day window.

Currently, the only issue holding up the restoration is the final order from PERC.

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